In unsettling times like these, when our priorities blur and everything that we held so close and
crucial suddenly seems to loose its importance; when the most certain things in life become
uncertain and we are suddenly deprived of our right to walk freely on the roads; we actually find a
deeper meaning to our existence. The current situation has opened up a pandora’s box comprising
of many life lessons which were otherwise long forgotten.
We have slowly begun to understand and appreciate our relationships with our friends, parents,
children, spouse and other family remembers. We have learnt to look at the smaller blessings of life
like good health, food on the table, roof over our head and people who care for us. We are slowly
becoming more human, selfless and helpful. After a very long time, the whole world can relate with
each other and is no longer divided by boundaries, culture or languages.
The crisis has brought us closer, taught us to treat each other with love and equality. It has helped us
to understand the importance of today, the current moment and to live our lives in it. It has told us
to never leave anything for tomorrow. We have understood how fragile our existence is and that the
best way to live is by accepting our insignificance and vulnerability. Suddenly the stress at work,
which always seemed so huge have started looking so immaterial. The seriousness of any other crisis
had melted away and we now realize that it was all so trivial. Today, we are more perseverant,
humbler, more patient, calmer, more spirited and more humane than ever before.
This situation teaches us that there is someone up there who has a bigger plan for all of us. A plan
that may not match with ours. That our plan, no matter how magnificent and immaculate it may
seem, is not always meant to materialize.
So, what should we do?
Viktor Frankl, a famous psychotherapist once gave a wonderful answer to this. He said “Don’t ask
what you want from life. Instead, ask what life wants from you, and then you will live happy lives.”
So, when your life’s plan does not work, don’t get frustrated or bitter. Instead, plan your life in
accordance to the bigger scheme of things. Accept the current situation as it is and learn to find
ways around it. True happiness lies in accepting life’s plans and flowing with it.
As we deal with this crisis, let us look within and focus on building our inner strengths. Let us
challenge our own selves, work on our weaknesses, fight our fears and anxieties, build up our
strengths and attain a state of inner peace, calm and happiness which no external situation can
Today, let us pledge to fight this together. To come together as one big world and take collective
responsibility for ourselves and everyone around us. If we do this, there is no force in the Universe
that can stop us from emerging victorious. As we join our hands, collaborate and walk in one unified
direction, even the biggest threats will surrender and humanity will find its way.