You are the only person who can love yourself the most. And yet, that is one thing that you so often fail to do.

In a world where we measure our capabilities and success based on what others think of us, self-love and self-compassion is unfortunately turning into a rarity. The light in which we see and judge ourselves is not our own but that borrowed from our society. What we really fail to understand is that it is in our power to change how people think of us and treat us.

It is our self-worth and how we perceive, accept and respect ourselves, that determines others behaviour towards us.

Various studies have proved that accepting yourself can make you happier, encourage you to pursue your goals with greater zeal and give you a rare sense of satisfaction. It can also lower down your stress level and improve your mental health remarkably. As you go through the lows of life, believing in your own worth, can be of great support in enabling you to bounce back and take things in your stride.

The moment you determine to treat yourself with the same love and compassion that you offer to your loved ones, you shall be treated the same by the world. Not just this, self-love also opens the door for your growth, expansion and evolution. Trusting that ‘I can’ unfolds a plethora of opportunities that the Universe has in store for you. As you believe in yourself, independent of the judgement of others, the world gives you more reasons to strengthen your belief.

Though changing your beliefs about yourself and practicing self-love can be difficult at once, here are some time-tested ways that can prove to be useful for you-

  • Start accepting yourself irrespective of your success and failures. These expectations from the material world are your own. Since you have created them, you measure your worth against them. Understand that accomplishment is as much as a part of you as being unable to meet your goal.
  • Do not let your negative thoughts lower down your self-esteem. Know that they are just thoughts and let them pass.
  • Say no to things that you do not agree to. Know that it is alright to say a ‘No’.
  • Allow yourself to experience everything that life has to offer to you. Gather its gifts and joys with both hands without any apprehensions. Believe that you deserve them.
  • Forgive yourself for your mistakes. Be kind to yourself and act in compassion just as you would have acted if someone you loved would have erred.

Self-love is your biggest asset and change your life in more ways than you can imagine. Dwell in it. Bask in its glory. Love yourself!