New year is approaching and most of us are already thinking about the next set of resolutions to be taken. Whether they are about achieving a professional goal, buying a new car, losing weight, a trip to dream destination, or something else – resolving something is a ritual as we start afresh.

But do these resolutions really last? Think about those taken last year and you will have an answer. As per a research, only 12% people are able to keep their new year resolutions and stick to their goals. For rest, it all falls in vain.

Great visions aren’t hard to think up; committing to them and carrying them out is the problem!

In the following section I am going to reveal one mantra that is just apt to make your resolutions last and get fulfilled. Just one trick that will help you stay committed to your vision and achieve it.

When ‘why’ becomes big, ‘how’ becomes small


People fail to keep their resolutions because they do not know ‘why’ they are actually making it. They don’t ask themselves “why do I want to be successful” or ‘why do I want to travel the world”. They just want to do it because others around them are doing it.

Please understand this- If you do not know why you want to do a certain thing; if there is a lack in your sense of purpose behind pursuing anything, you are more likely to get distracted and lose your motivation.

So, the most certain way to keep a resolution is to make one that aligns with the purpose of your life. Do not pursue a goal or try and fit into something just because the world expects it from you. Your reason to commit to something should come from within. It is important to have a strong reason and passion towards it till the end. Those whose goals are based on other people’s success and not what they consider as true success often fail due to the lack of a purpose.

Frederick Nietzsche once said “He who has a why can endure any how.”

Identifying the big reason behind your resolve gives you clarity in your purpose. Once you know your purpose, how will you achieve it is no longer a concern. Knowing what makes you come alive and going behind it will make you unstoppable. You will automatically carve your way towards it, have the courage to take necessary risks, stay motivated despite all hurdles and align your thoughts and action in tandem.

How to find your purpose

Millions of people spend their life without knowing what they really want. But you can change this for yourself. Decide to invest in it and there is no stopping you. Here are a few crucial tips that can help you to know your ‘why’ and build a stronger and more attainable resolution this year-

  • Identify what makes you happy – Things that make you feel enthusiastic and make you come alive are the ones that you will likely pursue for a longer time and perform better. Identify what you enjoy doing most. Know what drives the fire in your belly. That is where your purpose lies.
  • Leverage your natural talent – You might have learnt a hundred things and be good at thousand others. But there is always that one thing that you know you can do best. Explore this natural talent within yourself and then try to align your purpose around it. You are likely to be more successful when you do this.
  • Know what matters most – How we define success is deeply embedded in our personal values. Thus, it is important to know what matters most, irrespective of whether it falls in the worldly definition of success or not. When you go behind what matters most to you, you will barely falter and shall always fare better.

I hope that these tips will help you to find your ‘why’ in life and seek them with the help of well-aligned resolutions. Wishing you a year filled with self-awareness, peace and love.

Happy New Year!