About 400 years ago, in the 17th century, when Anton van Leeuwenhoek first saw a bacterial under the microscope, science’s understanding of the smallest particle was only limited to a ‘Cell’. Eventually, it was discovered that something called an ‘Atom’, much smaller than a cell also existed.  As it turned out, an average human cell contains about 100 trillion atoms. As science advanced, these atoms were further subdivided into ‘Neutron’, ‘Protons’ and ‘Electrons’.  Later, ‘Quarks’- sub-sub atomic particles came into being. And we still don’t know how many other smaller particles are waiting to be discovered!

Well, chances are that it may be endless.

We are infinite beings

This entire series of discoveries point at just one thing – We are all made up of infinite particles living in an infinite world. Even though we live in a finite body, the very nature of our being is infinite. The physical boundary that we have set on ourselves is just a hoax. We are more than our physical bodies. Our energy bodies and auras that go beyond the realm of physicality make us infinite, linking us to the rest of the Universe.

We live in an infinite world

Science has proved that the Universe erupted from a BIG BANG. This means that at one point, before the BANG, the Universe was nothing but a compact ball size figure made up of infinite density and intense heat, also called ‘Singularity’.

So, it is safe to say that all of us, every single thing on this planet, have originated from that singularity? We, plants, animals, nature, Mother Earth, the galaxies and the whole Universe belong to that one source of creation. It is the same energy that is reverberating within each one of us.

This makes us completely inter-connected and inter-dependent on each other. You are a part of me and I am a part of you. We are like millions of similar but smaller Universes existing within this big Universe.

We are inter-connected

At one point, we might have had this very solid sense of inter-connectedness. However, with the rise of desire for materialistic pleasure and an egoistic culture, humans no longer feel connected to each other. We see ourselves as different individuals running behind different goals. In our race for survival, the sense of commonality has been buried long since.

Though, with some self-awareness and reflection, it can be still nurtured. Here are a few things that connects each one of us-

  • All of us are social beings, craving for relationships, love, acceptance and admiration;
  • We are made up of same blood, flesh and organs functioning similarly;
  • We eat food from the same soil, drink same water & breathe the same air;
  • We carry the same emotions of love, hatred, jealously, joy, compassion, care, etc;
  • We even think similarly.

Now, since we are so connected, it is evident that everything that we do affects others. Our choices impact not just us but everyone else. We are invariably linked to our families, communities, Mother Earth and the Universe at large. This connection is our source of joy and fulfilment. It gives us meaning and links us to our higher purpose.

As we understand and acknowledge this connection, it opens up opportunities for our growth and that of all human beings. We begin to touch the lives of others with equal responsibility and compassion. We experience more connection and the feeling of singularity. As we dissolve our differences and accept and love others, we feel more accepted and loved. Our innate need to be in touch with other humans and communicate with them is met. We start caring for our planet and our environment, in turn ensuring our survival.

To sum up, staying connected is not just a human need but also a must for us to exist.

Connect in a few simple ways

The fact that we are inter-connected is ingrained in every cell of our body even before we are born. Just a few simple things can help us realise this and use it to our benefit.

  • Connect with self – The foremost step is to establish a connection with self by removing some time every day , away from the non-stop chatter, trying to listen to our own heart and feeling our vibrations within. As we do this, we allow the flow of energy that connects all of us to pass through our life. This gets us into our natural state and the inter-connectedness of things becomes quite apparent. You can try achieving this through meditation or a few breathing exercises.
  • Connect with nature – Accept it or not, we are completely dependent on nature. Our life is entwined with Mother Earth like no other. Everything that we do, every decision that we take has a direct impact on nature and vice-versa. A good way to establish a relationship with the planet is by observing and being mindful of how every small act of ours affects it.
  • Connect with others – The best way of connecting with others is by being kind and showing compassion. Take genuine interest in what they are saying, help them whenever you can, spread love at every opportunity, smile often and show them that they matter.

Let us respect our similarities and do away with our differences. Let us create ever-lasting bonds capable of withstanding storms. Let us stand united and help each other when times are tough. Let us be the reason behind someone’s laughter.

Together, let us build a more connected and beautiful world!