Time and again the ‘Law of Attraction’ has proven its effectiveness in the lives of those who believed
in it and practiced it sincerely. Be it the popular celebrities like Oprah Winfrey advocating it for much
of her success or the regular masses who have benefitted a great deal with it. Law of Attraction has
been around since we have been. And, believe it or not, the list of things that we can manifest with it
can be never -ending. For starters, here is the most common wish list that you can achieve-
 Wealth
 Dream job
 Good health
 Awesome relationships
 Love & friendships
 Inner peace & spiritual bliss
 Everything else that you ever wanted

What is Law of Attraction?
It is pure science.
Though it may sound unreal, the Law of Attraction actually exists. Just like gravity which we know is
there, law of attraction also works on us all the time. We cannot explain gravity but can see its effect
each time anything falls back to ground. Similarly, we can feel the effect of the law of attraction each
time we manifest something.

Law of Attraction says that ‘We attract everything in our life that we focus on.’
Which means that whatever you manifest is actually what you attract from the Universe by directing
your thoughts and emotions towards it. Like attracts like. So, positive thoughts will lead to positive
manifestations and vice versa.

In short, things and situations are not happening to you, instead you are attracting them to your life.
The good news is that you are in complete control. You can change your life by just shifting your

The science behind it
Dr. Masaru Emoto’s water experiment scientifically proves the law’s efficacy. He subjected separate
water samples to different emotion of love, fear and hatred and then photographed them to watch
the effect of those. The samples exposed to positive feelings of love, joy & gratitude formed
beautiful symmetrical crystals while the samples on which messages of hatred, fear and anger were
showered formed disjointed and broken crystals.

Besides this, there are many other experiments that prove that the law functions on everything in
this Universe.

How to make it work?
Now that we know what we can achieve through the law and how it works, the next step is to know
the 4 important steps that will ensure that it works for us and helps us to manifest our dreams.
Set an intention

You can only manifest if you exactly know what you want to manifest. Review your life, your
goals and be thorough about what you want from it, however big or small. Experience this
new manifestation in full swing as if you are living it for real. Be sure about it. Set an
intention and align yourself completely with it.

Be in awareness
It’s crucial that you acknowledge all your doubts and fears and do not let them come in
between your intention. Negative emotions weaken your focus and interfere with the
effectiveness of law of attraction. So, it is important to be in awareness and
acknowledgement of your negative thoughts. Confront them and settle them in order for
the law of attraction to work in your favour.

Know that it has always been working for you
Figure out what has made you come to the current spot in life. If you are doing great in life,
just try and backlink it to the positive thoughts that has led you here. If you are doing
miserable, do the same. In the end, you will find enough proof to show you that it has
always been working for you and that what you thought so far has created your current
reality. Realizing this will reinforce your faith in it and help you stay positive and be in

Take action
We have all heard of ‘fake it till you make it.’ The fourth and most important step is to fake
the experience and actually live as if you have already manifested what you want. For
example, if wish to get your dream job, think that you have already achieved it and plan
what shall you be doing now. You can actually go out shopping for formal clothes and drive
up to your would-be office. By taking action, you tell about the seriousness of your intention
clearly to the Universe and make the law work harder for you.

Above all these steps, you need to be persistent and never leave faith that it shall click and
you shall manifest your dreams, however long it takes.

Overcome challenges, make it happen
Once the four steps are sorted, we can also start working on the following exercises as a
stepping stone to manifestation-
Express gratitude
Make a list of everything that you can be thankful about, keep adding to it every now and
then, and read it aloud every morning. Gratitude, being a positive emotion, puts you on the
right mindset to attract good things in your life and manifest what you can be more grateful
Practice mindfulness
Mindfulness allows you to be aware about yourself without any judgement. It can be a
critical step in helping you know your fears, doubts and negative emotions and replace them
with love, kindness and compassion, so that you can achieve what you want from a positive

Be Intentional
While we don’t realize, we perform most of our daily tasks on an autopilot mode. Be it
driving the car to office, preparing food of taking a bath. We hardly put our attention or
intention into it, often causing us to drift away from the task in hand. For the Law of
Attraction to work well, we have to be intentional about all that we think, feel and do.
Focusing our attention on every single detail of our thoughts and actions will drive better
results and take us closer to manifestation.

I hope that with this, you will be able to make the ‘Law of Attraction’ work in your favour
and create a life of your dreams. For further elaboration on how to make it work or any
personalized guidance,