What if the power to change your life’s physical reality lies in your thought? Just by changing what you think and observe, you could expand your business, attract investors and take it to the next level of success? Or thoughts alone could cure you of diseases and mend your relationships?

This brings us to the immutable law of the Universe- ‘The Law of Quantum Observation’.

The Law of Observation
As per ‘Quantum Physics’, everything (including us) in this Universe is energy. At every moment, we are intertwined and interconnected with everything else in the cosmos. At the energetic level, things come into existence and are manifested through the act of observation or through the ‘observer’s effect.’

The Law of Observation explains that ‘we create what we observe.’ In simpler words, just by the act of observing, we can alter the observed reality or the things that we observe exist because we observe them. Whatever we focus on, knowingly or unknowingly, becomes a reality.

To understand this better, it is important to understand that this field of energy (Quantum Field) that we are surrounded with is a field of infinite possibilities. Both fear and faith exist here. It carries the possibility of manifesting everything that you are aspiring for as well as the disappointment of unfulfilled dreams. What you shall attract into your world and which possibility will you bring alive will depend upon what you are observing.

This makes the Law of Quantum Observation crucial for those who wish to manifest great achievements and accelerate their journey to success, entrepreneurs in particular.

Achieve business success by mastering the Observer’s Effect

As an entrepreneur, you may be driven, hard-working and a go-getter. Your intention and goal-setting might also be on spot. However, if you haven’t yet learned to harness your energetic side, you might still be lacking somewhere. We bring you a step-by-step guide to use the Law of Quantum Observation to your energetic advantage and achieve unparalleled business success.

• Step 1: Become what you want to attract in your life. Start with observing your inner-self and make required changes on the inside.
• Step 2: Business shall be attracted in direct proportion to your energy. Shift your energy from doubt and despair to hope, confidence and success.
• Step 3: Like begets like, be it positive or negative. Faith will manifest faith & fear will manifest fear. Stand in faith.
• Step 4: How you think and feel has a ripple effect on your thoughts and feelings. It’s like a spiral. One positive thought leads to another, taking you uphill and vice-versa. Check your thoughts constantly and stop yourself in time to avoid getting into the negative spiral.
• Step 5: Our inner world creates our outer world. What we manifest in the physical world is just a reflection of our inner reality. To change your outer reality, you must begin with changing your inner reality.
• Step 6: If you do not define who your ideal client is, you will end up attracting anything and everything into your life. Unless you change your observation & define success clearly, things will not change.
• Step 7: Your success is always directly proportional to your ideal client and inversely proportionate to what you have not defined. To materialize your goals, you must define and increase your ideal clients.

Start manifesting your dreams today!

As entrepreneurs, we are constantly pursuing our goals. Though, this is not enough. It is also critical that we visualize them – visualize your new office, a bigger team, better technology and so on. Writing down your goals is also important as it is the first step to manifesting them on a physical plane. Keep repeating them in your mind, doing this creates a neural pathway in your brain which serves in manifesting your dreams more easily.

However the most important rule is ‘to be what you want to attract’. What you manifest in life does not depends on what you want but who you are and how you observe yourself as. The energy that you put out there in the Universe through your thoughts, feelings and vibrations is very important as it will determine the energy that you will receive back from the Universe. Be very careful and selective about what you observe. Your observation keeps this energy alive and ensures that you attract a similar energy back into your life.

So how is your energy today? How do you observe yourself? Do you feel worthy and deserving of all the happiness in life or are you struggling with low self-esteem and living in fear?

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