How Marriage Counselling Helped To Re-Build A Relationship Even After Infidelity


In the following, we’ll be discussing regarding a very important topic that’s “How marriage counseling Helped to rebuild Relationship after Infidelity?” and will discuss it thoroughly within the article. Let’s take an example of our clients, this is a classic case of infidelity where Couple counseling helped to rebuild a relationship of a woman who was facing a huge turmoil in her marriage because of her several histories of affairs. Kirti is a homemaker and married to Saksham who works for a Software Company, they have a son (aged 17).

During Couple Counselling sessions, we got to know that she is an attractive woman who gave priority to her beauty and fantasy life rather than family. The couple faced a major relationship issue as claimed by her, due to Saksham’s lack of interest and attention to the family. His professional life was demanding thereby making him contribute minimum time with his wife. Over time boredom grew between them, which led her to find happiness and love from men outside. Her craze in men increased so much that at one time she dated six to seven men and had a physical relationship with more than two. 


Saksham noted some drastic change in her behavior; she was addicted to her phone constantly smirking. She would be out of the house even late nights and not attentive to the family. One day their son saw some awful text messages exchanged between her mother and another man so he shared the same with his father. Saksham caught her red-handed when she was planning to meet one of her boyfriends and demanded an explanation. Post this they decided to get some professional help to identify the real cause for such obnoxious behavior and if the relationship could be saved.

During the individual session, she broke down and confessed that she had an abusive childhood and was molested at a young age. She also expressed that her parents especially her mother was very strict and were not lovable towards her. She grew in a harsh environment throughout. By the time she reached her puberty she was exposed to many sexual affairs and throughout her college time she was in a bad company which made it even worse for her to return to normal life. When we questioned her about multiple affairs, she stated that since she wasn’t being loved and given importance, she got attracted to people especially men who showered some affection, love & attraction towards her.For this, Relationship counselling in Delhi are given their best services.

In further Couple counseling sessions, we explained to them the root cause of her behavior and made her realize the significance of self-worth. We advised Saksham about the importance of work-life balance and quality time spends together. We made him understand that all that his wife needed was love. Kirti was given tips on how best she could channelize her energy and use her skills to do something productive and what she loves. Now after three months through the Counselling, she is happy with her family and has found a passion for herself. Therefore, through this case study, it is clear that not every case of infidelity is intentional. Most cases have strong emotional issues behind such behavior and timely diagnosis of the same can definitely rebuild a relationship.

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