We often feel victim to our circumstances and wish that reality could differ from what it is now. Though, very few of us know that we have the power to change our reality by transmuting our negative self-sabotaging thoughts to an empowering positive mind-set. The art of alchemy, a process of transforming lead to gold, has been long known to us. Lead here means undesirable and unhappy life which can be converted to happy and desirable life (gold) through mental alchemy. This process is your answer to a fuller, happier and more successful life.

Need for mental alchemy
We attach too much importance to our external circumstances. We feel dissatisfied and unhappy because of what is happening around us and make a constant endeavour to change it. However, we seldom pay attention to our inner self. All our efforts are concentrated on the physical level and we ignore our mental and spiritual state. We believe that the world is creating one adverse circumstance after another for us. However, we hardly look at our own thoughts and emotions or investigate the role that they play in shaping up our reality.

Mental Alchemy aims at stopping us from becoming victims to our outer circumstances and help us to gain mastery over our mind. Mastering it can help us to transmute our thoughts and then use it to our benefits. Here is how you can go about it-

Knowing your inner self
Like it or not, your inner reality determines everything outside of you- your career, health, happiness, family ties, success and all that you can think of. This makes self-awareness the first and most important step towards practicing mental alchemy. Unless you are aware of your inner self and the change that you need to make within, you cannot change your outer reality. For this, you must observe every thought, every emotion, and every word that you speak on a continuous basis. Bringing self-observation into practice will help you to monitor your negative thoughts and investigate into its origin immediately. Over time, you will be able to recognize negative self-destructing pattern and transmute it to positive ones.

Cleaning your thoughts
Every negative thought, emotion and word radiates and attracts negative energy into your life. Once you learn to recognize them through self-awareness, the next step is to know their root cause and resolve them. Chances are that the root of most of your negative thoughts are hidden in your childhood. You think and act in a certain way because you have been conditioned to do so as a child. The belief systems, habits, patterns and values that you conceived as a child are playing continuously in your life till now.

In this step, you need to unveil all your childhood memories and try to understand the circumstances that made you who you are today. This step would require you to let go of what is no longer required and create new thoughts, patterns and beliefs. It may require you to forgive certain people for what they did to you in the past or realize that all those beliefs that you have held on to for so long no longer align with your current goal.

Understanding the laws of the Universe
A better understanding of some of the laws followed by the Universe will help you to change your thought patterns and practice mental alchemy with greater ease.

The principle of cause and effect:The principle of cause and effect says that every cause has an effect and every effect leads to a cause. While you may like to believe that you, as an individual, are doing your own little thing without creating any impact on anyone else, it is not the case. A whole big chain of consequences is making you do what you are currently doing and your action will be a cause for someone else to do something else. Once you realize that everything you do is having an impact on the collective consciousness, you will be less selfish in your thoughts and more responsible in your actions.

Principle of rhythm: The Universe moves like a pendulum. Everything here follow a natural rhythm. What goes around comes around – the waves of an ocean, day and night, sunrise and sunset. This means that your negative thoughts and actions will also come around and so will the positive ones.

Principle of polarity: We live in a polar world. Everything here has two extreme poles. Like sadness and happiness, trust & betrayal, opportunities and adversities, sickness and health. We have a choice to manifest any of these possibilities sitting on opposite poles.

Master mental transmutation
Once you understand these principles of the Universe, you know that for every manifested thought and emotion, there exists an exactly opposite thought in an unmanifested state. Now it is all about changing your undesirable thoughts (lead) to the positive empowering ones (gold). As you master the art of mental transmutation, grief becomes joy, hatred is swept away by love and courage takes over fear. Slowly, you shed your negative limiting thought patterns and step into a reality that you had always desired.