What do you do when you drive a car? Do you take complete responsibility of a safe drive till the destination or leave the chances on bad roads, inefficient traffic management, unfavourable weather or the poor driving skills of others around you? What would happen if you blamed any of them?

Take 100% responsibility for your life

Then why play the blame game in life? It is your life and just like the driver of that car, you have the choice to steer it any direction that you want. Things can change dramatically the moment you take 100% responsibility for everything in your life and stop blaming the shortfalls on your family, ignorance, fear, upbringing, economy, lack of money, boss, circumstances, astrological charts and more.

If someone treated you badly, ask yourself what did you think or do to make him behave in that way. Do you lack respect for yourself that made the other person disrespect you? If money does not stick with you, question your beliefs and fears. What are the financial opportunities that you denied for the fear of being rejected? Assess yourself and evaluate what did you do to invite things that you do not like in your life. Stop playing the victim when things do not work out for you. Rather, think about what can you do differently now to change it for you the next time. Then, act upon them.

Your choices create your life’s experiences

Your experiences so far are a result of what you chose in the past. That has passed. You can’t change that now. But you can choose your life to be different today. The entire game of life is just about a choice. Just by changing what you choose to believe, think, feel and do, you can create an utter new reality for yourself. As you realize the power that you hold within, you can change everything – right from the equation with your spouse, to your health, success and your feelings.

Question yourself

Start taking your life’s responsibility today. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What are the things that you would like to change in your life?
  • What did you do to attract them to you?
  • What is the cost that you are paying to keep it like this?
  • What is the reward of choosing differently?
  • What are the choices that can create better experiences?
  • How do you plan to act on it?

Now, that you know the answers to the most critical questions that stood between you & your dream life, wait no more. Act today!