Are a few flips on your social media account enough to make you feel how big others have made it while you are still lagging behind? Feeling anxious about how happy your friends and colleagues are while you aren’t?

This article is just what you need if you always feel that:
 You are in a catch-up mode
 You are not doing enough
 You are not earning enough
 You are in the wrong place
 Your timing is wrong

This isn’t what you wanted
To begin with, I really hope that you aren’t measuring your achievements with those who don’t share the same goals as yours. Your path is your own, different and unique. It has been set by you on your own terms to reach a certain place. Then why compare your achievements with those who walked a different path? You are exactly where you are meant to be. Just where you had decided to be. The friends you have, the job you are in, the values you carry, the life that you are living- it’s all meant for you. You are neither late nor behind. You are just where you should be.

Don’t compare
For a moment, let me assume that you had not decided this path for yourself and your goals were different from what you have achieved. Still, don’t compare. Don’t bring yourself to believe that others are better than you or that you have not done enough. You can control what you want but you cannot control the external world. Many factors have contributed to your current life – the people you met, the opportunities you got, the obstacles you
faced, etc. Others didn’t have to face your challenges and brave them like you. Sometimes reaching your goals might need you to work a little harder or take a longer route. It’s alright that things worked out a little different than you had planned. Different can be beautiful too. Don’t beat yourself up for it.

As a child, my only goal was to evade studies every weekend or get some extra playtime. As a college-goer, my goals changed. I started longing for more freedom and excellent marks. What you want keeps changing. There are so many factors that decide our goals- age, circumstances, perspective, life-experiences, etc. It is possible that what you have achieved matches the aspirations of your younger self but are no longer a part of your checklist.
It’s alright to change. And it’s even better to embrace the change and focus towards your new-found goals. Recalibrate.

Celebrate life

You are different. The place you started from and where you have reached is unique. Your qualities and personality is your own. Your experiences are novel. They have enriched you. Even if it’s not
clear right away, they will make everything more worthwhile in the end.

Celebrate your singularity. Celebrate