How many of you feel dull and lethargic on most days? Are headaches and backaches a part of your daily life? Or stress and anxieties have become a routine thing?

It’s time we sit and wonder about the symptoms and what they really mean. Is our body trying to tell us something?

Our body speaks to us

Our body is an accumulation of everything that we eat, think and emote. Every food that goes in and every feeling we experience are accountable for building a healthy and thriving body or an unhealthy one. In either case, our body always gives us signals. It has its own unique language of feelings and sensations. If paid attention to, our body emits enough information about our internal health and well-being – physical, emotional and mental.

Decoding the internal messages from your body is quite simple. Try noticing the difference in your body when you are overworked and yearning for a break and when you are out for a peaceful vacation at your favourite place. When overworked, you will feel bloated, uneasy, unhappy and tense. On a vacation, your body will be at ease, relaxed and emit positive and joyful vibes. Similarly, your body will react differently when you eat fresh vegetables or indulge in junk food, when you are in a happy state of mind or stuck in an emotional mess.

A healthy mind and body will always make you feel light, happy, calm, positive, peaceful and filled with vitality. An unhealthy one will yield symptoms of lethargy, pain and aches, heaviness, stress, anxieties and mental imbalances.

The warning signs

Once you start listening to your body it will tell you exactly what is good for you and what is not, when can you indulge further and when should you stop and walk away. Here are a few warning signs and what they mean-

  • Back problems indicate lack of emotional or financial support
  • Stomach problems indicate that you fear new ideas and experiences
  • Knee problem indicate a stubborn ego and inflexible nature
  • Lung problems indicate that one does not feel the right to live fully and freely
  • Heart problems stem from not loving yourself and denying yourself the right to be loved
  • Diabetes indicate lack of sweetness in life
  • …and so on

How to tune in to your body

Here are a few ways in which you can listen to your body and go with its messages-

  • Listen to your body

The best way to tune in to your body and its warnings is by simply closing your eyes and talking to it. Remove some quiet time from your daily schedule, pause, take a few deep breaths, and just hear it out. You can do it in solace over a cup of tea, while gardening, cooking or doing any physical activity that you enjoy doing most.

  • Practice self-care

We were never taught to care for ourselves while growing up. Perhaps, this is the reason why we never learnt to listen to our own heart, mind and body. It is time we start practising this. Take enough rest, do things that make you happy, pay attention to your own needs and you will be able to notice the signs that your body is trying to give.

  • Trace it back to your past

Your bodily symptoms often indicate a stuck emotion that stems from your past. You might have been abused, traumatised or inflicted with pain which is being held within your body in the form of anger, fear, hurt or resentment. It is important to identify those incidents from the past and release yourself from their grip by practicing forgiveness and affirmations.

  • Trust your gut

Your intuition or gut feeling often tells you the best path to follow. Listen to it and go with the flow even if it might not look convincing enough at that point. Trust me; you will be at a much better place that you currently are.

Eat well, sleep enough, love yourself, follow your heart, be amongst people who make you happy and notice how your body transforms and begins to blossom and thrive. For more on connecting with your mind and body, reach out to me at __________.