This very moment, NOW, is the most powerful moment of your life. Neither your past nor the future holds so much power – one is already lived and the other is yet to come and there is nothing much that you can do about them. But it is in the present that you can change your life. Being here, now, with an open mind and your complete attention to the occurrence and possibilities in this very minute is what will help you to take control of your life.

All you need is to be mindful and realize that you are not your thoughts. Once you can separate yourself from your thoughts, you become an observer of your thoughts, and get awakened to an all new blissful experience.

Why live in the moment?

Mindfulness is known to have myriad of benefits ranging from it acting as a stress reliever, booster for your immunity, lowering blood pressure and combating critical illnesses. People, who have learnt to not dwell into their future or ruminate about their past are way happier and joyful compared to their counterparts. They know the art of sipping the nectar of life from every living moment and are positive, self-accepting people with a high self-esteem and roaring confidence. Being truly non-judgemental, they are also a great company and enjoy loving and healthy relationships.

5 effective ways to live in the present

Living in the present, as we have learnt, can be extremely beneficial for your inner peace and overall happiness. So, let us learn a few easy but very effective ways to practice it.

  • Appreciate what you have today

You are alive today. Appreciate it. Be grateful about everything that you have and are experiencing today. Immerse yourself in whatever this moment has for you- its joys, challenges, opportunities, sorrows, relationships and everything else.

  • Let go of the past

The past is gone and cannot be undone. But you can certainly choose to let go of the hurt and resentment from the past that you are holding on to. Loosen your grip. Forgive and let go. Let your past not spoil your mood or behaviour today.

  • Focus on solutions, not problems

Problems are inevitable and focussing on them will only aggravate them further. Once you start worrying what it can do to your future, you are trapped in an endless loop. Instead, train your mind to look beyond the problems and focus on their solutions. Defeat the problem moment by moment. Believe that this shall pass. You have the power to overcome it.

  •  Love what you do

When you love what you do, you enjoy doing it every moment. You do not wait for the weekdays to pass and weekends to arrive. So, it is very important that you find a work that you love to do or look for something worth appreciating in your current work.

  • Surrender to the Universe

One of the biggest reason why we worry so much about our future is because we do not trust the flow of the Universe. It is because we do not believe that someone has a greater plan for all of us and it will fall in place when it has to. Surrendering to this flow of life and trusting this plan is one of the most essential key to being in the present. Just do your bit and leave the rest on time and Universe.