Goals, goals and more goals….

That is where most of our focus remains as we strive through our life, trying to achieve things, big
and small.

But, how about setting some intentions? Have you forayed into that direction yet?

The power of intentions has been proved again and again to those who have been practicing it in
their daily lives. It can turn your world around and help you achieve things that go beyond what you
aim for in your list of goals.

Here is what makes intention different from goals, also explaining why it is so important.

Goals v/s intentions

Goals are tangible. When we create and plan for a goal, we keep measurable things in mind.
Something like “I want to buy that new car” or “need to learn cooking.”
Intentions, on the contrary, are intangible and give purpose and bigger meaning to your life. It is
something that aligns with who you are or who would you like to be. Intentions comes straight from
your heart. It could be something as simple as ‘I want to be more empathetic”, “a good listener”,
‘courageous” or “non-judgemental”.

Goals can help you become more successful or popular but setting intentions is what can change
your world and bring all the peace, love and happiness that you have always been seeking.

How can intentions change your world?

Imagine driving a car without an idea about the city map! You are bound to get lost. That is how you
are in life unless you set an intention.

Intentions are like the guiding map in your life that help you manifest everything that you really
want. Once you set an intention, you switch on the receptive button of your brain and heart and
attract what you focus on from the Universe right into your life. As we know, ‘our thoughts define
our reality’. So, whatever intention you set and focus on during the day, weeks and months, finally
transforms into your reality and brings good to your world.

How to set an intention
An intention should be your own personal seeking and not what others want from you or think you
should be. It should be something you firmly believe in and value. Something that comes from deep
within your heart. And, they should be positive in nature.
If you are confused about what intention should you set, start from things that matter most to your
heart and soul. You might be wanting to change or improve many aspects about your own self such
as enhancing your self-esteem, beating your anger, being more patient, etc. Or, you might wish to
manifest something from your surroundings and world at large such as peace, love, good health, etc.

Here are some questions to provoke your thoughts and help you to arrive at the right intention for

 What is the purpose of your life?
 What do you want to create?
 How do you want your surroundings to be like?
 Who inspires you and why? Anything that you wish to emulate from them?
 Is there anyone that you should forgive?
 What are the feelings that you wish to get rid of?
 What do you regret the most in your life?
 What are your deepest fears?
 Anything that you would want to change given a second chance?

How to begin practicing your intentions?
Intentions, once set, needs regular practice and focus. The best way to start doing this is by writing
all of them on sheets of paper or a whiteboard and placing them at places that are easily and very
frequently accessed by you. Keeping them in close sight with help you build and re-build your focus
on them and shape them into reality. Another way is by including them in your daily morning routine
and build on them when you practice your yoga or meditation.
Now, you know everything about intentions are almost ready to manifest your own bunch of

So, let me give you a head start by helping you with the most popular list of intentions from
people around the world-
 I intend to be more receptive
 I intend to think first and react later
 I intend to be fearless
 I intent to be happy at all times
 I intend to accept and embrace change
 I intend to be a loving person
 I intend to stay calm and patient
 I intend to be peaceful
 I intend to open my mind and heart
 I intend to love unconditionally
 I intend to nurture and receive love