Life has problems. The living is solving the problem.

Can’t fight a decent job? In debt? Gained weight? Living in a filthy hovel you call an apartment and your life sucks?

Well congratulations you have officially entered adult life and it will suck but you will love it.

Living life is all about how you deal with your problems. Maybe you try to solve your problems or turn to others for help or maybe you just run away from your problems.

For most of the part, we are able to solve our problems quickly without much trouble or come up with a solution or strategy that will help us to overcome our trouble.

Problems become more difficult when you don’t have any solution or strategy to solve them. When you feel you are stuck and you have no way out.

These kinds of problem cause a great deal of anxiety and stress.

The most important thing when in such a situation is to ACCEPT our troubles.

Are you upset? Frustrated? Hurt?

It is perfectly okay to feel those things, instead of losing our emotions it is important for us to accept those and once we accept them we are halfway cross in dealing with our problems.

Here Are Few Tips To Deal With Your Daily Problems


1. Is There A Problem?

Often most of our troubles are in our head. We think and then overthink those things that aren’t really out there in reality. So it is important for us to relax and think that is it really that big? Is it something that will be important after 5 years? Or even after 5 weeks?

Life isn’t that long to waste it by making mountains out of thin air.

But if there is really a problem how to recognize is early?

Write it down: when a problem is causing anxiety issues, it is better to use a pen and paper to work it out in written form. This will help you to differentiate your problems from your negative emotions.

Use your negative emotions to guide you and try to find the reason making you feel that way.

2. Identifying Your Problem

Before looking for a solution for your trouble it is important to define it. Here are few tips you can use to define it

  • Ask yourself the question what exactly is the situation? ( communication gap with colleagues)
  • What changes do I want in the situation? ( I would like my colleagues to like me)
  • What is the main obstacle in your way? ( I should work on my communication skills)
  • Be concrete, specific and state just the facts avoid including your emotions (my colleagues maybe don’t like me)

3. What Do I Want To Learn From This Problem?

In order to check that you have solved the problem, it is important for you to see what a solved problem look like.

  • Be realistic: Don’t set unrealistic learning goals, you will probably not reach them and then feel bad about it. For e.g: communication issue, if your goal is to talk to people when you feel like, you can never solve your problem.
  • Be specific about your required learning experience from your problem.

4) Thinking Up Solutions To Your Problem

One of the biggest mistakes that we make is using old solutions to solve a new problem, ignoring the fact that every problem is unique and need a new solution.
Look for multiple solutions for one problem; you are likely to find a better solution for many options. Even a strange, silly option can work at times so it is better to not judge your solutions.

5) Choosing One Solution

If you feel anxious to choose a solution from various shortlisted ones, it is better to ask for help as getting someone else’s view on your trouble will likely help you to see it more clearly.

6) Trying Alternatives

At times our problems look too big to us; it may look like it is impossible to solve them. When stuck in such a situation we should break down our problems into smaller pieces and then look for an alternative to solve them.

So, when in problem next time ask yourself:

  • What is good about it?
  • What can I learn from it?
  • Is there any hidden opportunity waiting to be explored?

In this article, you learned about Few Tips To Deal With Your Daily Problems.

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