Quick Ways to Turn Around Negative Self-Talk to a Positive One


In this article, you will learn about quick ways to turn around negative self talk to a positive one. How many of you have heard the voices that come from within? Consciously or subconsciously, we all indulge in self-talk. It’s the constant internal chatter that you keep having with yourself. One that helps you make sense of things around you and largely influences your view of yourself, the world and the people around you.


While positive self-talk can bring more confidence and open up new possibilities, you need to keep away from the negative self-talk. The later can be highly detrimental to your self-esteem and quality of life. But staying away from negative self-talk is easier said than done. You may wonder why? Since we, humans, are more prone to indulge in negativities even as we thrived in the jungles.


Let’s take an instance. If you are unable to complete a task, what is the first thought that comes to your mind? “I will try to do it better next time”, or “I can’t do this, I am good for nothing.” In my profession as a life coach, I have seen most people thinking the later. The negative voice that comes from within makes you fearful and feel like a permanent looser. It changes the reality around you and converts the possibilities into hopelessness. Even worse, you subconsciously start ruminating and fall prey to self-sabotage and higher stress levels.


But the Silver lining is that this can change. In a few easy ways, you can stop yourself from thinking negative:-


Pay Attention to Self :


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Talk: Most of us lack awareness about the content of our self-talk. Unless we know what we are saying, how will we ever be able to stop it? So, the first step is to pay conscious attention to your inner voices. You can simply do it by noting them down throughout the day in a book and reflecting on the end of each day.


Stopping it Aloud

Once you have noticed your negative self-talk patterns, the best way to stop it from recurring is by stopping it aloud. The moment a negative dialogue is initiated, say ‘Stop’. Over the days, this will become a habit and you will be able to stop negative thoughts as soon as they begin.


Believe in Yourself



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Delimiting beliefs about yourself and your strengths can make you feel unworthy. It is important that you keep reminding yourself to change these negative beliefs to positive ones. Say ‘I can’ instead of ‘I can’t and be more resolved to make things happen.


Try the above and see your world changing. For further help, you can reach out to me at Relationship Counselling in Delhi.


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