What happens when we sleep? Muscles are built, tissues grow and our body repairs itself. We rejuvenate and recover. Retreats are just like sleep. They help us to ‘re-treat ourselves’, unplug, detox, and connect with our core.
Don’t we all yearn for a peaceful setting in a serene natural environment along with like-minded people? Experience it with us in our ‘Journey Within’ retreat.
Retreat in Latin means ‘to pull back’- pull back from the world and connect back with our inner selves. Given the stress and sensory stimulation that we are exposed to every moment of our busy lives, retreats provide the much needed break to help us balance ourselves and get back to life with more focus, strength and clarity. Success and growth follow.
“Retreats are like lighthouses assuring us, guiding us and showing us the right direction when we are lost in life.”
While the benefits of it last beyond what we can probably sum up in this article, here is an earnest attempt to put forward some of them-
Why go for a retreat?

Unplug and pull pack
When did you last spend quality time in doing what you love to do- not out of necessity but pure passion?
Agree or not, we get so busy in ‘doing life’ that we almost forget to live it. We forget to connect with ourselves or pursue our passion in the hustle-bustle of our daily lives. A retreat gives you the much-needed break from routine-work to think about what you love to do and what makes you really happy.
Imagine not being on constant phone calls during lunch; not rushing throughout the day; not seeing your screens the first thing when you wake up; or being away from the constant demand and expectations of your family and society. Being unplugged from the world is liberating. It is re-energizing. It allows you the space and time to think and find inspiration from your surroundings so that you can focus your energy towards putting your passion into action. Resultantly, you perform better, are happier and more at peace.
Detox, refresh and grow
Retreat is a perfect place to detox your mind, body and emotions. It is like restarting your laptop or rebooting your phone.
You walk in with tangled emotions, self-limiting thoughts and a rigid belief and value system. But you walk out with a clear heart, unbiased mind, light-hearted spirit, new perspectives and fresh inspiration.
This brand new powerful you is now ready to meet every challenge, seize every opportunity, be in the moment and create his/her own reality.
Register for a retreat and be ready for extraordinary growth!
Reflect who you are
Answer these questions-
• Who are you?
• What do you want to be?
• What is your purpose of life?
• What are the experiences that you want to create?
A recent study says that an average human being has around 6,200 thoughts a day. With so much mental chatter, it is difficult to connect with our inner self and find answers to these most important and existential questions.
Retreat allows you the rare opportunity to silent your mind, unravel it layer by layer and travel to its deepest core. It puts you in awareness about yourself. While on a retreat you can expect to drop the many roles of father, mother, friends, son, daughter, spouse, boss or employee that you play in your life to just be who you are – a human being.
Meet more of your kind
As a popular saying goes – ‘birds of same feather flock together.’
A retreat does just that. It brings people from different backgrounds, age, ethnicity, culture, profession and belief system together under one roof for one common experience – to know life as is. Resultantly, you meet more of your kind, share interests, take inspiration, find motivation and form a bond that lasts a lifetime.
Looking for a retreat that offers you all the above and opens up new and profound experiences for you? Book a spot at the Journey Within retreat. Connect with us at