Revealed: The Simplest Ways to lead a Stress-Free Life


In this article, you will learn about Revealed: The simplest ways to lead a stress-free life. How many of you think that keeping stress out of life is impossible? A majority, I believe. After all, stress has become a way of being. Many of my clients also felt like you. Until they experienced the joy of being stress-free.

So, How about learning some very simple and easy ways to beat this demon? I will teach you four of them. But, before we get there, it is important to understand what happens to our body when we are stressed out.


The Physical Impact of Stress

Our bodies, in order to combat stress, have formulated a fight or flight response mechanism. As soon as we feel stressed, adrenaline and cortisol levels increase in our bodies. Our breathing becomes rapid to pump in more oxygen to our organs, muscles get tensed to prevent injury, and blood is gushed into our limbs so that we may run and act faster. Though these are the natural way to overcome the root cause of stress and the body comes back to normal once it is eliminated, elongated periods of stress can be quite damaging.


Simple Ways for a Stress-Free Life

We know that stress comes uninformed. Neither does it give you enough time to react. Which means that the hacks to handle it have to be very quick and easy to implement. Here they are.


1. Practice Deep Breathing


Practise Deep Breathing, Peyush Bhatia


Inhale oxygen, hold on your breath for a second or two and then slowly exhale. Practice this breathing technique at rhythmic intervals and you will soon see your muscles getting back to normal and your heart slowing down. This step activates your ‘Vagus’ nerve which is responsible for stroking your body to a relaxed state, thus putting the fight or flight mechanism to a slow rest.


2. Put your Right Hand to Use


Put Your Right Hand To Use, Peyush Bhatia



The Right side of the brain is an emotional one from where the feelings of stress, anxiety, and fear originate, while the left side of the brain is a logical one. Contrastingly, the right brain gets activated by clenching your left hand and the left side by clenching your right hand. So, the moment stress takes over, put your right hand to work, clench it frantically, and help your logical brain to fight the feeling. Regarding this Depression Counselling in Gurgaon will doing great work.


3. Watch out for Symptoms


Watch Out For Symptoms, Peyush Bhatia


Amygdala, the emotional core of our brain, takes over and deactivates the brain during the few initial signs of stress. The symptoms include increased heartbeat, higher blood pressure, sweating, anxiety, irritability, etc. Watch out for your personal symptoms and divert your mind before they take over your brain entirely.


4. Be in Gratitude


Be In Gratitude, Peyush Bhatia


When stressed, think of the hundred positive things that you can be thankful about. Be in gratitude for them instead of thinking about the stressful situation which will soon be knocked out. The moment you start focusing on the positive, stress loses its intensity and you will naturally feel better.


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