Our lives are full of stress. This has also been proven by many surveys, one of which points out that
89% of India’s population is suffering from stress. The reasons could be any – work stress, social
media, relationship issues, peer pressure, loneliness, work-life imbalance, and so on. In the current
era, stress has become so common that we have almost accepted it to be normal.
But, is stress truly normal? Let’s see what happens to us when we are stressed out.

Fight or Flight Situation
Our body follows a very primitive way to handle stress. This comes form our ancestral origin, a time
when our forefathers lived in the jungles and suffered a great threat from the surrounding animals.
To protect them from the surroundings, their body developed a fight or flight response whenever
they were in physical danger. During acute stress, their sympathetic nervous system got activated to
suddenly release and pump up adrenaline into the blood stream. With this, more blood was pushed
into the muscles and other vital organs and they became more energetic and alert to handle the
stress. As the stress factor used to lower down, their body used to relax and get back to normal.
Though, the situation is different today. We sit on our chairs, worrying throughout the day, pushing
our body to generate a fight or flight response. The threat is not real but is perceived so by our body.
This false alarm weakens our immune system and adversely impacts our health. Stress leads to
sickness and medicines become the usual way of living.
But this can change. If we can control our stress levels, we can live a medicine-free life.

How to live a medicine-free life?
Here is my secret to live a medicine-free life. Just following these simple but extremely important
rules will help you stay away from stress and live healthy.

  • Process your emotions – What do you when confronted by your emotions? You implode or
    explode. But you really don’t know what should you do with them. This is because we were
    never taught to process our emotions. Once we learn to process them and know what can
    we really do with them, our emotions will no longer make us feel stressful. To know more on
    how to process emotions, call us at 9818975070.


  •  Look after your diet – Healthy eating leads to healthy living. We all know that but how many
    of us really follow it? As a thumb rule, ensure that 40-50% of your diet comprises of raw
    organic food; keep away from processed junks; and, eat the local home-prepared cuisine. A
    nutritious, well-balanced diet uplifts mood, reduces blood pressure and boosts up the
    immune system.
  • Exercise regularly – Regular physical activity produces endorphins, also known as happy
    hormones. They act as natural painkillers and improve your ability to sleep, in turn reducing
    the stress levels.
  •  Practice yoga & meditation – The ancient Indian wisdom of yogic sciences & meditation have
    proven to reduce stress levels, lower hear rate and blood pressure and relax your mind and

With these simple but significant practices, you can easily keep your negative hormones in control, say goodbye to stress and live medicine-free.