Singing Heals




What would the world be without music? Think about it. Songs are the source of universal happiness. Singing out aloud or just humming your favourite song can bring profound pleasure and uplift your mood instantly. But apart from the occasional joy that all of us find in singing, did you know that singing could be extremely empowering in healing our mind, body and spirits. So much so that it is suggested as an incredible antidote to treat depression by many reputed life coaches.
Yes! Singing, apart from just temporarily making you feel good, can bring people out of their depressed mental states and help them enjoy the little things in life again. So, if you are fighting depression and know not how to overcome it, the least you could do is sing away to glory.

How can Singing help in Fighting Depression?

Depression Heal, Peyush Bhatia
Scientists across the world have researched on the therapeutic benefits of singing and how it can do wonders in treating mental disorders. Here are some scientific facts that will leave you stunned and more resolved to use singing against depression:-
• Sacculus is a small organ located in our ear which is known to respond to the frequencies created within us when we sing. Regardless of how good or bad we sing or the sound that we produce while singing, sacculus awaken an innate sense of pleasure when we sing.
• Singing triggers production of endorphin, also known as the feel-good hormone and we instantly start feeling good as we sing.
• Oxytocin, a hormone which is linked to pleasure, intimacy and connects is also released when we sing. This helps us feel more secured, fight loneliness, and communicate better with people around us and share our feelings.
• We all know how stress is one of the most common reasons behind depression.
• Singing regularly reduces cortisol, the stress-producing hormone in our body and keeps us depression free over a longer term.
Apart from the scientific benefits, singing is also perceived as a shared social activity. People love to sing in a group. This enhances their social circle and helps them find joy in staying together. Singing can also be great for your concentration and mental awareness. It is used as an excellent tool to boost and maintain your memories and also suggested by doctors to treat Alzheimer’s and Dementia.
So, next time when you really want to feel better and push yourself out of depression, the first thing to do is sing. Though it will not cost you a dime, it is certainly worth a million. In case nothing helps and you really need some help and handholding, reach out to a certified life coach who can be a great help against depression. Visit my website or watch my videos on YouTube.
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