Spirituality has been around since time immemorial, in forms of various religions, cultures, faith and beliefs, celebrated by people all around the world. Today, various studies and researches on spirituality have proved that those who practice Spirituality enjoy various benefits compared to those who do not, including enhanced physical well-being, lower stress and anxieties, greater ability to cope up with difficult situations, positive attitude towards life and many others.
What is Spirituality?
The definition of Spirituality varies for every individual. However, the two beliefs that connect all spiritual people are:
• There is a higher power that governs the Universe- Spiritual people believe that there is more to life than that we can see, feel and experience at a physical and sensory level
• We are inter-connected – Everyone in the Universe is connected with each other at a deeper level and everything that we experience touches many others
While the underlying beliefs remain the same, Spirituality is expressed by different people in different ways. Some express it by following a religion and visiting temples, churches, mosques & synagogues while some others express it by helping each other and promoting peace and harmony. There are others who feel spiritual when they come close to nature and some more that experience it by praying to the higher power in complete solitude.
Seeking Spirituality
How do you know if you are a spiritual person or not? Are there any signs of walking in that direction?
You know it when you start placing importance on something beyond self. Consider yourself spiritual if you seek a higher purpose in life, try to reason with life and death or look at other’s troubles with compassion and empathy. Anything that makes you wonder and ponder about things around you (in which you do not have a personal motive/interest), making you sad, happy, amazed or inquisitive, takes you deeper on the path to Spirituality. Meditation, yoga, gratitude, prayers and paying attention to your thoughts also help people to come in touch with their inner self and experience Spirituality.
How does Spirituality help?
The belief that there is someone bigger than you, looking out for you in good times and bad, is what makes Spirituality so amazing. It has the power like no other to pull you out from the darkest hours and help you to see your inner light.
• Prayers have been associated with the magical power to lift stress and inculcate positive feelings even during tough times.
• Meditation is believed to bring clarity and calm your senses, reduces the sensitivity to pain, helps you process difficult emotions, reduces stress and improves immunity.
• Yoga, though physical postures and breathe expansion, contributes to your wellbeing by reducing stress and anxieties, regulating blood pressure and decreasing inflammation.
• Gratitude can help you get bigger things in perspective and remind you of the good things that you are blessed with, making you feel instantly better and happier.
Other than this, spirituality is like a guiding light that helps you to make the right choices in life. It teaches you to be kind to your body and mind, thus keeping you away from toxic habits, bad company and wrong doings. A strong spiritual outlook can also be comforting in moments of trauma and great difficulties, helping you to look forward with optimism. Staying connected with a spiritual community also brings in a sense of inclusion and security, leading to happiness and a better life.
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