Have you achieved your professional goal? Is this where you always wanted to be? Do you think that this is the end of the road for you?

But why; what is stopping you from growing further?

Give it a thought!

Your belief systems defines your career path

Somewhere, we are not even aware that our career path isn’t ruled by the conscious decisions that we make but by our subconscious belief system; one that we nurtured in our early childhood.

Conditioned by our mindset & belief system, we surround ourselves with invisible limits. We decide an upper ceiling for ourselves which cannot be broken by us alone. For instance, most of us believe that we cannot earn or grow beyond a certain point and we stop pushing our boundaries once we get there. Just like the geyser has a threshold and cannot heat water beyond a certain point, our belief system defines our limitations and ceiling.

Seriously! Can there be a limit to human skill & intellect?

Do we have a choice to break free from our limitations as a grown up?

Yes! We do.

When we cannot push ourselves further from inside, an outside intervention- an executive coach- can work wonders. A classic example of this is our athletes who ace their game with the help of their professional coaches.

Why do all professional athletes have a coach?

The answer is simple- to help them grow to their full potential and deliver extraordinary performance. Coaches constantly push the athletes to get out of their comfort zone and see a new ever-expanding horizon.

An executive coach does the same for professionals like you and me. They know the drill to enhance your skill and strength through a variety of processes. Resultantly, they transform people into the best version of themselves- one that they didn’t even know could be possible. Executive coaches are like blacksmith who know their job extremely well and hit the iron (coachee) just where it needs to be hit to give it the new desired shape.

What can you expect from an executive coach?

We often hear that success comes to those who do what they love doing most.

We certainly know what we do not like to do (like our current role at office) but how many of us actually know what we love to do?

This clarity can be introduced by an executive coach. With various self-introspection and reflection tools, the coach will help you to see through the clouds and unfold your vision. You can tell him/her your own version of your life’s story but rest assured that he/she will be looking at it from a much higher perspective. This shift in perspective is what helps a coach to identify your blind spots, understand what you are truly capable of and know what can help you to push the envelope.

Expect to be pulled out from your comfort zone and navigate unchartered terrains. Just like gold only shines brighter when passed through intense heat, your journey of growth lies in transcending your own boundaries. Your executive coach will help you to do this by changing your beliefs, preparing you for the road ahead, and supporting you at every step.

How to hire an executive coach?

Who would you like to visit- an astrologer who could predict his own life events and made something good out of it or one whose own fate is in doldrums? Certainly the former! Similarly, the best way to hire an executive coach is to notice if his/her own life is working for him/her. Check if the growth story of the coach inspires you. Once you find a person who has been able to weave a great life story for himself/herself, know that he/she is capable of doing it for you as well.

Other things that you may consider are to read about the coach’s credentials, experience, reviews, method adopted and case studies.

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