Until about a few years ago, I was struggling with many challenges.

From being my father’s princess to thriving on my own, I had come a long way. But, dealing with the
change was difficult.

As I held on to and craved for all the pampering and attention that I was used to, embracing an independent adult life where I had to look after myself seemed like a lot.

The nostalgia followed me everywhere. How I wished I could go back in time!
My experiences from the past were driving my present to such an extent that I was hardly living in ‘now’.

Anxiety, claustrophobia, low confidence and relationship issues were the by-products.

Just when I was at the peak of this mess, I came across a wonderful book on surrender. As I read
through it, I realized how holding on to my past was causing everything.

All I had to do was just let go and surrender.

We have been so conditioned to control things and fight people, situations and our own emotions that surrendering appears to be a sign of cowardice.

“What would happen if I let go?” is our biggest fear.

Surrender, though, is the highest liberator.

Surrender is trusting that everything will be okay and setting aside the involuntary need to micromanage everything.

When we trust the Universe and believe that it is continuously working for us, we let go. And, as we do so, we open ourselves to the most profound possibilities and invite miracles into our lives.

Letting go doesn’t make you a coward. Instead, it makes you stronger. Realizing that you don’t need to be in control brings immense peace.

It lets go of all your doubts, fears and worries and creates space for fresh beginnings.

Most effective techniques to let go
Surrender doesn’t mean that you must stop acting. Act, but at the same time know that you are not in control of anything and simply trust the Universe. Here are some techniques that can help you to surrender:

 When you are relaxed, you are in a state of surrender. The best way to relax is to meditate. Meditation activates your parasympathetic nervous system and supports relaxation. In this state, our frustration decreases and we become aware that not everything is worth controlling or fighting for.

 Being mindful is another great way to be in a state of surrender. Being mindful of your thoughts, emotions, words, actions and reactions helps you to cherish what really matters. Letting go of everything else becomes very easy. You can achieve this by journaling, reading, walking in nature or doing yoga.

 Be in gratitude for all that life has given you. Being aware of your gifts brings in a sense of sustained calm and happiness. You know that the Universe is making things happen for you. This helps you to trust the process and let go of the need to control.

 Avail counselling. Surrender might be difficult, particularly if the pain has been held on for too long. Seeking help from your friends, family or a professional therapist can relieve you from it and enjoy the sweet taste of surrender.