I know of a person who had freshly graduated from college and was about to join a new job in two
days. He was very happy since the job meant that he could now pay off his education loan and
support his old parents. Now, with the ongoing crisis, his appointment has been put on hold and he
doesn’t know in how many months will he be able to start earning. When I asked him and his
parents how are you managing your finances and what are your plans for the future, they uttered a
magical sentence- ‘take one day at a time.’

Another lady who was suffering from extreme pain in her knees and was due for a surgery this week
had to call off the plan due to the unavailability of doctors. When I asked her what will she do now,
she said –‘one day at a time.’

Though we barely realize it, in tough times like these, the mantra of taking one day at a time help us
to accept our current realities and give us an unknown power to deal with it.
As Mother Teressa once said-

“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come.
We have only today. Let us begin.”

This is probably the best piece of advice anyone can give to anyone. Living in this moment, in what
you are dealing with right now, without dwelling in the past or worrying about the future is
extremely effective and the fastest way to relieve yourself form any stress or anxiety. Today is where
the power lies. This is the only moment that you can control and influence. The thoughts that you
have today and the decisions that you make today is what is going to shape up the rest of your life.

What does taking one day at a time means?

It does not mean that you cannot think about happy memories in the past and smile. It also does not
mean that you should forget your future and not plan for bigger and distant goals in life. You should
do both. But it means visiting your past and future and then gently bringing your thoughts back to
the present moment. It means focussing on today, what are you doing at the present moment, what
is happening in and around you here and now. It is about experiencing life as it is today.
Even if your reality is very difficult and the troubles seem never ending, it means to visualize a better
and brighter tomorrow and take every day as a fresh opportunity. Believe that something new and
amazing will happen every day and the problems will turn into good times at the turn of the day. To
try and change things and take control of your destiny without getting tired or discouraged, just like
the sun sets each day only to rise again.

How to take one day at time?

In difficult times, it is very easy to flow along with the negativity and stop believing in a brighter
future. The following steps will help you to stay focussed and treat each day as a new beginning-
 Focus on yourself – A healthy mind lives in a healthy body. Positive thoughts will befriend
you only if you focus on yourself, exercise daily, indulge in yoga and meditation and eat a
balanced diet.

 Break from the mundane – One tends to slip into a negative chain of thoughts as we
practice the regular routine. It is important to break from the mundane, keep a check on
your surroundings, analyze your thoughts every once in a while, and see if you are thinking
in the right direction.
 Set daily goals – Setting small but daily goals will help you stay focussed on the current
moment and lift you worries and anxieties from the past or future.

Take one day at a time and take charge of your life. Take care, stay safe and stay positive!