Ever wondered what is standing between you and your happiness and success?
 The economy?
 Your circumstances?
 Your relationships?
 Your background?
 Your limitations?

Actually, none of these.
The answer is – ‘You’. You are blocking the road between ‘where you are today’ and ‘where you wish
to be’. Your mind is standing between you and everything that you desire.

Don’t be surprised! Let me explain you this

The mind scam
We had nothing in our mind when we were born. It was absolutely blank. Then, as we grew up, we
accumulated certain data, knowledge, opinions, perceptions and beliefs. All of these was gathered
from someone else. How others around us saw life and the meanings that they attached to it got
embedded into our subconscious mind and created our thoughts and beliefs. None of this was
originally ours.

Now, this inner reality started defining our outer reality and what we will experience in life. For
example, people around me said that ‘money doesn’t come easy’ and I started believing it. Back in
my mind, I always thought ‘money never comes easy’ and thus money never came easy to me. My
thoughts started to create my outer reality. Whatever I did or whatever I did not was always an
outcome of whatever was happening inside my mind. My success, failures, good times and bad,
happiness and grief- all were being created as an outcome of my thoughts. So are yours.

It is important to understand that all of us have both negative and positive thoughts running in our
mind, constantly fighting with each other, trying to supress and win. Who will win depends on how
each of them are fed. If you allow negative thoughts to have your attention, they will get stronger
and win. Likewise, positive thoughts will win if you focus on them.

Don’t let your negative emotions sabotage your life and success. Focus on abundance, love,
empathy, confidence, success, you will manifest the same into your present reality. Pay attention to
hate, lust, greed, grief, sympathy, criticism, judgements and doubts and you will manifest them into
your current reality. Once you learn to tame the negative emotions and learn to neutralize them,
you will be able to bridge the distance between ‘what you want’ and ‘what you manifest’.

Control your mind- Separating our mind from ourselves is the only way to find what you seek. If you do not react to
every thought, you can move into higher consciousness and manifest happiness. Here are a few
ways with which you can learn to control your mind-

 Practice Mindfulness
When a thought occurs, just let it flow rather than holding on to. Observe it carefully, just
like an outsider. Do not get involved. Do not judge. Practice embracing it with openness and
curiosity instead of giving it a compulsive reaction. See if it is a negative or positive thought.
Where is it arising from? Why? Being mindful will allow you to evaluate your thoughts and
save you from brain fog.

 Challenge your mind
Do not give in to everything your mind says. Challenge it. Analyze what is it saying. Is it
correct? Why should you follow it? What is the logic behind?
Challenging your thoughts is an excellent way to turn down the negative ones and only let
the positivity flow.

 Be in gratitude
Thoughts always emerge from our subconscious mind and is an outcome of our past
experiences. The best way to come out of it is to bring your attention to the present
moment. And, there is no better way to be in the present than to practice gratitude. The
moment you feel drowned in your own thoughts, think of something to be grateful about.
Gratitude is a high frequency positive energy that shall remove your focus from all negative

Tame your mind and experience the big difference that it can make to your current reality.
Live a life of happiness, love and success. Live in positivity!