My marriage was not working and I was miserable when I approached Peyush. Eventually, we realised that my wife had trust issues which stemmed from her past experiences in life. In just a few sessions, Peyush managed to make her see that, change her mindset & gift...


My son was a teenager & I was failing miserable at understanding him. Tons of differences and frequent arguments were the obvious outcomes. Today, after meeting my angel Peyush, our relationship has completed evolved. We go out for long drives, discuss about...


After our honeymoon, me and my husband could not talk straight. Our relationship was affecting both my mental state and career. Thanks to Peyush, we could work on it and rebuild our lost paradise.


No matter how hard I tried, promotion didn’t seem to be my thing. Especially because I shared a sour relationship with my boss. With Peyush’s help, the equation changed in just a month’s time and I was promoted to my dream position. Thank you Peyush. Forever...


I met Peyush and thank God that I did. She helped me work on myself & them on my relation with my boss which improved like magic. My work life got sorted & so did my mental & physical health.