All of us have both masculine and feminine within us. Each one of us carry the divine energies of the Shiv and Shakti; the male and female; compassion and aggression; love and practicality. One cannot exist without the other.

The divine feminine
Heard of Venus, Shakti, Aphrodite, Hera, Athena or Demeter? These are the ancient Goddesses from various cultures who personified divine feminine energy. They reflected feminine qualities of nurturer, the healer, the compassionate peacemaker that should be imbibed by every person, male or female, to experience the feeling of wholeness and live in perfect harmony.
Divine feminine is present within each of us irrespective of our gender. It is the force that helps us to understand ourselves at our very core, stay in awareness and establish connection with the world around us. It helps us to harness spiritual qualities like intuition, patience, receptivity, compassion, wisdom, forgiveness, acceptance, ability to listen, creativity, kindness and sensuality. It helps us pay attention to the needs of our body and heart and that of others, enabling us to shower love, care and attention.
While the women find it easy to identify themselves with these qualities, it stands tough for men given their mental conditioning. Likewise, the masculine energies are centred on action, risk-taking, setting boundaries, discipline, objectivity, logic and analysis, a must to be imbibed by women.

The sweet spot- striking a balance
A new life needs both the masculine and feminine to integrate. It is symbolic of the perfect balance that the Universe has designed for us. Both the energies have to come in balance for creation to happen and sustain. Too much feminine within us and we stoop down and lie low. Too much masculine within us and we rule and destruct. For manifestation to happen, we have to strike a balance between both the aspects within us and arrive at a sweet spot.
However, we have been living in a state of great imbalance since many centuries. With the masculine energy dominating the Universe, the divine feminine has been suppressed and violated.
For long, men have been nurtured as providers and taught to shut their hearts to vulnerable feelings and emotions, unaware of the divine feminine energy within them. Similarly, women have been raised as caregivers with lesser rights and privileges than their counterpart, unable to harness their masculine energy.

Fortunately, as we enter the Age of Aquarius, we see a paradigm shift in the scheme of things and balance being restored. More and more men today are operating from a space of kindness and compassion where as the females are claiming their masculine energy to become aggressive and more in control. Men are taking equal responsibilities at home while women are assuming roles of business leaders, entrepreneurs and decision-makers. There is an urgent need for this awareness of the divine feminine energy with men and vice-versa to spread for the Universal balance to be restored. This is the only path for us to manifest ease, balance, joy, love and abundance in life.

Benefits for integrating with divine feminine as a man

It has been established that a balance between both the energies is a must. In this section, let us understand how does it positively impacts the life of a man to be in awareness of his feminine divine aspect-
 The feminine divine quality helps to love one’s body and look after it, in turn ensuring that the body looks after your physical well-being. Imbibing this will thus help you to accept yourself as you are, be confident about how you look and stay healthier.
 Divine feminine is about expressing your feelings and emotions and will set you free to express without any inhibitions, thus serving your emotional health
 Intuition is a divine feminine spark that can help you to stay secured and take the right decisions
 You will be able to strike deeper more meaningful conversations and build stronger relationships at all stages of life
 You will learn to collaborate and work as a team, rising as an entrepreneur, boss and leader
 You will be filled with love, compassion, gratitude, leading to joy and fulfilment

The need of the hour is to accept and experience both aspects within us to become whole. It is imperative to realize the contrasting energies hidden within you to bring the world to balance and become the superpower that you are.
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