We love to be in control. All our lives, we struggle to be in control of everything – our relationships, our career, our health, our wealth, our emotions, our thoughts, and even our circumstances. But, deep within us, we know our limitations. We know that however much we try, things cannot always go our way. We acknowledge how difficult life’s challenges can be. And the fact that, in life’s complexities and uncertainties, we seek guidance and support from the supreme power, the Universe, our creator. This introduces the concept of surrender and reinforces its importance in living a life filled with peace and fulfilment.

What is surrender?
Surrender doesn’t mean to let go of control. It just means to let go of the resistance. It is about accepting life as it ebbs and flows. Instead of fighting with everything to make them work in a certain way, surrender creates a space for you to simply observe life and experience it as is. And then, learn from its lessons, to become a better version of yourself and reap better outcomes. As you surrender, you place your trust in someone greater than yourself. It is empowering to know that you are not alone in the difficulties of life. Releasing the grip opens you to the greater plans that the Universe has.

What happens when you surrender?
Traversing through life as a life coach and having enjoyed the infinite benefits of surrender, I would like to list down some of the most important reasons why you should let go of control and be in acceptance.

Embrace your limitations
No one is perfect. No one knows it all. And no one has everything under control. Surrendering allows you to let go of the need to be seen as perfect and strong, allowing you the freedom to be human. It lets you acknowledge the limitation of your powers and allows you to bow down to the supreme power. When you embrace our shortcomings and flow with the experience of being human, your compassion grows, self-acceptance flourishes, and you become kinder, more loving, and authentically true to yourself. This is liberating.

Experience peace & contentment
When life communicates, should you listen or be in a hurry to respond? When you long for control, you stop listening to life and are always planning your response. Surrender, on the other side, allows
you to feel, listen and just be. Letting go of the control and choosing acceptance brings in a completely different sense of contentment and peace to your heart. You no longer need to be in a hurry to respond. You can just sit there and experience life, soaking in all that it has to give and teach.

Navigate through change with ease
Change is inevitable. But how you deal with it decides the course of your life. Constantly worrying about the change, always thinking about how to handle it and ways to improve yourself in alignment with the change can snatch away your peace of mind. However, surrendering to the process of change allows you to let go of the worries, anxieties and uncertainties that come with it. It frees you from the burden of excessive thinking and opens the door for valuable insights to emerge.