You are always manifesting. Every thought you have carries a certain energy and attracts experiences that matches that energy.

Your thought and energy come together to create your life and its reality. To rephrase it, you, by the virtue of your thoughts, are constantly asking for everything that you experience. So, the first step to start manifesting your desires is to recognize the low-level negative thoughts that you nurture every day and consciously remove those roadblocks. Change your narrative from “If I could get that job, I would have been so happy” to “I am hopeful and happy and my positive energy will attract my
dream job towards me.” Feeling good attracts goodness and feeling terrible attracts more reasons to make you feel even worse.

So, what are the rules that will make our thoughts and energy work for us and not against us? Here are the principles of manifesting the life your desire that you must know.

The principles for manifesting your desires

Clear your blocks
Do you doubt your greatness or your capability to do certain things or be a certain way? The first step to manifest your life is to clear your limited beliefs and believe in your greatness. A prayer asking the Universe to release you from your limited beliefs would be a great way to do this. You should also be open to all the assignments that the Universe assigns to you. However challenging them may seem, they are your pathway to release yourself from your fears, disbeliefs and limitations and clear your energy and space. Just look for the signs and opportunities that are here to help you become strong and heal and embrace them to attract everything you desire.

Be clear about what you want
Do you know what do you wish to manifest? Getting clarity about your desires is a crucial step to set the right intentions and proceed in your journey of manifestation of life. Write down what you want in elaborate details. For example, if you want to manifest your own home, write down what kind of home do you want, how many rooms it would have, what would be the location, etc. Listing it down will help you to build a mental picture of your desire. Once you have done that, try getting access to
the feeling that you will have when you manifest it. Feeling what you want to experience is the master key to attract those experiences into your life.

Think, feel, believe!
Once you have cleared your mental blocks and are entirely aware of what you want, start focusing your thoughts and feelings towards it. Believe that it is coming your way. Call upon the feeling of what you desire when you are meditating, gardening or just sitting by yourself. Direct your feelings towards creating a positive energy field so that it can attract a beautiful reality and manifest the life you desire.

Stay calm and relax
Manifestation has no space for anxiety. Though you can direct your thoughts and feelings as desired you have no control on the timing of the Universe. Stay calm and relax. Have complete faith in the Universe. Trust that good things are coming your way and that the Universe has great plans for you.
Allow faith to guide you. In time, the Universe will catch up with your energy and reciprocate with similar experiences to make your desires come true.

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