Do you look back and think – “if I could do a few things differently, my life would have been different.” Do you regret the choices you made? Do you blame your failure on the actions you took or failed to take?

The person you are today is because of the choices you made. And, these choices were driven by your VALUES. Your values can actually help you to achieve whatever you want in life. How? Let me tell you a story.


KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) is a popular brand today, known for its unique chicken recipe. Though, it was a long road uphill. Colonel Harland Sanders, the face behind the brand, faced disappointment for countless times before the world acknowledged him. He started selling chicken at the age of 40 and his chicken recipe was rejected 1009 times before finally getting approved. However, he never left hope. He remained persistent and never shied away from failures until the secret KFC recipe became a global phenomenon. His values – hope, positivity & persistence – led him to success and made the brand what it is today.

Apple, the iconic brand, has a similar story. Hardly unable to withstand competition, Apple was fighting a battle against its rivals in 1997 when Steve Jobs planned to position it differently. Re-branding the company & giving it values like Innovation & forward-thinking with its tagline- “Think Different”; Steve changed how the world perceived Apple. And, the rest is history.

The Importance Of Values

These stories tell us that we can change our lives by changing our values. Our value system is what gives direction to our mind and body…it helps you to decide whether you should do or not do something. Values are like guidelines that help us to take difficult decisions in testing times. They differentiate an ordinary person from a super successful person. Think of Mother Teressa- what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Compassion, empathy…those were the values that she was driven by… the values that we are reminded of each time we mention her. 

Now think of a businessman and a depressed person – what do you think would be their values? A businessman would have a ‘come what may never give up’ value to go further into the business. A depressed person would procrastinate and give in easily. Their individual value systems make them what they are. Just like that, your values make you who you are.For this, Relationship counseling in Gurgaon is providing the best services.

How To Assess Your Values

Thus, it is very important to understand what are your values? It can be anything – integrity, action, adventure, peace, generosity, honesty, love, family, etc… The more you use it, it increases. But, how do we really know which of them are ours? Let me help.

  • Spend time with yourself. Assess what drives you. Check how you behave in certain situations. Look through your decisions, choices, friends you make, life you live. All these would be in sync with your values.
  • Go back to the value system in your family. Think about the values of your parents. From where do they operate? This must-have rubbed on to you. 
  • Who is your role model? Why do you admire him? What are his/her values that you really like? Are they the same as yours?

These checks will help you point out your own values. Once you know this, the most important question that can you can ask yourself today is – What do I want to remember as? Do your present values make you the person that you want to be remembered as? If not, which ones can? Then, change the values that are not working for you and develop new ones. Do consider ‘Integrity as an important one. For, if you are not a man of your word, you are no man at all. So, that was all on value for now. If you are facing any kind of trouble in assessing your value system or changing it, I would be glad to help. See you soon.

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