The Joy of Receiving


In this article, you will learn about the joy of receiving. “The joy of receiving” is a statement that intrigues many when they read it for the first time. This is because, right since our childhood, we have been taught that the real joy is in giving. Though, today I want to tell you that receiving is as important as giving. If you can maintain the right balance and give and receive with equal grace, you will encourage an open, flowing channel for abundance, love, compassion, kindness, money, energy and time to yourself.

Having said that, receiving is a tough thing to do for most humans. Think about it this way – what do you do when someone appreciates you, offers you some help at work, tells you about your problem areas indicating a scope of improvement or goes out of the way to gift you something? Do you open yourself up and receive these things gracefully? Or you feel awkward and resist them? You probably do the latter.

Oftentimes, we limit our willingness to receive to the time when we are still students, ready to grab every bit of learning that our teachers and elders willingly impart. However, as we age and gain experience, we become rigid to learn. We forget that life has a lesson to teach, every step of the way. And we stop receiving what it has to offers in form of people, events and experiences. Resultantly, this impacts our quality of life. And we restrict ourselves from receiving the abundance that life has to offer. Here, it is important to accept that you deserve to receive; that you deserve to be loved, deserve to receive help, deserve to be appreciated, deserve to have money and deserve to be happy.

Did you know that the people who lived their best and are known for their achievements have always been open to receiving? They have always been open to learn and improve themselves. They always looked within and had the courage to receive whatever the situation was offering. They allowed the flow and dynamic exchange of energy between themselves and the giver. They knew that unless they nurture themselves and create an overflow of abundance, love, compassion, kindness, money, energy and time, they will not be able to give back the same.

So, practice receiving. Be open to what life offers. Accept what comes to you with absolute grace. Let abundance flow to you easily. It’s an amazing feeling. And once you are filed up to the brim with incredible energy, love, money, and enthusiasm, let it spill over to others around you and balance it by giving. For this, Relationship counseling in Delhi are providing the best services