Think About Consequences Before Making Relationship


In the following, we’ll be discussing a very important topic that’s “Think about Consequences before Making Relationship” and will discuss it thoroughly within the article. Sonia and Prince visited our clinic to seek some professional help as they were facing a lot of disputes. During the initial Couple Counselling Session, they told us that it’s being 5 years now that they are together. They met each other in a club during the party. Initially, their relationship was very open and good. They both agreed to this that they met due to their physical needs but later got emotionally engaged too.


In the Individual Counselling Sessions with Prince, we got to know that he was already married to Meena and had two kids out of wedlock. They both completed 20 years of married life. Meena is a homemaker and he kept on praising her a lot. He said that he has a very healthy family relation. He is a VP in a corporate. He told us that Sonia was a hooker. She belongs to a very poor family. He said that they rarely meet in the city, usually went out of the town to be together or she used to accompany him on his business trips. But now he decreased the time he used to spend with her because he realized that he has a family. He also told us that Sonia was emotionally blackmailing him that she will cut her wrist or will tell his family about the relationship if he ever thought of leaving her. He disclosed that he doesn’t want to stay in this relationship anymore and he wants us to help him in telling this to Sonia.

While having the Individual counseling Sessions with Sonia she told us that her family was very poor so she started working at a very early age as a bartender in the bar (she hid from us that she was a hooker). She told that they both met in the bar and started talking. They met each other and came closer because of their physical needs. She told that they have 15 years of age gap. Before Prince, she was in a relationship with Rohit. He used to pamper her lot it was also an extramarital affair. The guy got divorced but because of some problems in his business he ignored her, so they broke up. This break up left a great impact on her so she shifted from Bombay to Delhi. Now Prince was taking care of all of her financial needs. He even helped her in opening the dance studio. She also said that he promised her to marry and if he won’t marry still, they will have a baby out of this relationship. Regarding this Relationship Counselling In Noida are given the best services. 

In Couple Counselling Sessions we made the girl realized that right now she should focus on her studio, career, her health as well as herself. We made her understand that the Prince is already married and has no plans to marry her. She should socialize and if she finds a suitable boy for herself, she should marry him and thus get settled. We also told her that till the time she gets settled Prince will help her financially. Prince during sessions acknowledged that Meena can be the part of life but not his priority and will ever be. With the passage of time, they individually worked on themselves while being in a relationship and later mutually decided to get separated.

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