Top 7 Marriage Mistakes to Avoid


In this article, you will learn about top 7 marriages mistakes to avoid. However, becoming aware of the mistakes you make most frequently can help you make them less. Just being honest with yourself about the areas where you struggle is the first step toward becoming a better spouse and enjoying a better marriage! Whether it’s your tendency to keep score, or failing to be a team player when it comes to parenting the kids, there are ways to fight your natural tendencies and get it right more often. Here below top 7 marriage mistakes and strategies for overcoming them.


Top 7 Marriage Mistakes to Avoid


1. Lack Of Respect



Lack Of Respect, Peyush Bhatia



Displaying a lack of respect to your partner is quite troubling in a marriage. Don’t badmouth your spouse to your friends or associates. Spouses need to be appreciated. They want to know they are appreciated. You should be speaking generously to each other.



2. Not Listening to your Spouse



Not Listening To Your Spouse, Peyush Bhatia



You should not just hear the words spoken, but show you are actively engaged in conversation as well. Not listening involves allowing your mind to wander, paying more heed to the computer or television set, overlooking body language and interrupting. Anticipating your spouse to be a mind reader is another big communication mistake.



3. Little or NO Physical Intimacy


Little Or NO Physical Intimacy, Peyush Bhatia


A deficiency of physical affection or sexual intimacy will turn lovers into roommates. This is a death toll for a marriage. Try medical advice and marriage counselling if needed. Spouses should not leave their partners questioning why there is no interest in sex. It’s not pleasant to either of you.



4. Always Having to be Right


Always Having To Be Right, Peyush Bhatia


It is impracticable for you to be always right. If you try, you can win the battle, but lose the war! Having to be right covers lecturing your mate, or having to have the last word. Very seldom people can love a know-it-all endlessly. Acknowledge when you make a mistake or that you don’t have all the answers. And please, please, don’t answer every simple question your spouse asks with a long-winded boring thesis on the topic.



5. Not Walking the Talk


Not Walking The Talk, Peyush Bhatia


Actions do speak louder than words. When you assume you’ll do something, do it. When you say you won’t do something, follow through. Retain your promises. If this does not happen, it will decay the trust and safety between you. Your partner must be able to trust you!



6. Dishonesty


Dishonesty, Peyush Bhatia



There is no room in a marriage for deception or dishonesty. Having lies and secrets in your relationship can build distance and loss of trust between the two of you. Be impartial with each other. Honesty is considered a must-have amongst most married couples.



7. Having Temper Tantrums


Having Temper Tantrums, Peyush Bhatia



Every couple needs to be able to handle a dispute in a constructive way. Having an enraged outburst so that you can win an argument will make you the loser in the end. Learn how to fight even and to make your marital relationship the winner of any conflict the two of you have. If you yet find anger gets the best of you, take some professional help.

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