Quite people have the loudest minds – Stephen King

We are surrounded by a lot of noise. Though we cannot really do anything about the ones coming
from our surroundings, taking a vow of silence can do wonders for your own soul.
Silence allows us to get some time off. It breaks the constant thoughts lingering on our mind. In all
the words that we speak, our mind never rests. It only does when we are silent. Devoid of words, we
get the opportunity to reflect and self-introspect. If our mind is like a crazy ocean filled with endless
waves of thoughts, silence is just like the stillness that we find at its centre. It is in the precious silent
moments that we can attain a calm state of mind.
Silence is golden

Taking a vow of silence is the best way to remain silent and achieve absolute peace and happiness. It
will not just help you feel content and fulfilled but will also bestow you with the power of listening.
As you are silent, you will be able to see more, hear more and understand more of what is
happening around you. It will help you to control the constant need of speaking out, interrupting
between conversations and expressing your opinions just to prove your worth. At times, it is
important to just hear- silence will teach you do that. It will also diminish your need of being heard,
make you more confident and free of your insecurities. Most of all, silence has its own powerful
energy which will help a great deal in your personal and professional development.
However, before you start off, it is important to keep a few things in mind which we will discuss

How to take the vow of silence

A vow of silence needs a lot of determination and self-control. Thus it is important to know why you
are really doing it- for self-introspection; to be a better listener or for self-improvement. Having a
solid reason will help you to stay determined though its course. Also set a duration for your vow- it
can be a week, 15 days or as you may think necessary.
Once you are at it, do support your vow with daily meditation and breathing practices. Meditation
helps your mind focus and stay calm. As we are able to silent the outer noise and focus on our inner
voice, we are able to listen to our subconscious mind, explore it and find the divine.

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