What Is Guilt and How to Overcome It


In this article, you will learn about what is guilt and Are you feeling guilty about doing something that shouldn’t have done? Are you remorseful about not meeting expectations? Or your guilt stems from hurting someone dear? Whatever be the reason, if you are living in guilt, you are certainly in hell. You are fighting an enemy that lives within you. You are angry, frustrated, sorrowful and irritated about what you have done.
Guilt v/s Anger

Feeling guilty is worse than being in anger? Anger, at the least, gives you an opportunity to scream at someone or simply walk out from the situation. It allows you to take your stand and shove away the responsibility and simply say – “ I didn’t do that or I am not to be blamed”. But guilt is a tricky enemy which doesn’t allow you any of that. It is like living with a person who is angry at you 24*7. It doesn’t allow you any space to escape. It has no room for denying the responsibility for the not so good things that you have done. Now, isn’t that terrifying? Someone glued to you all the time and reminding you of things that you could have worked out better?

The ill-Effects of Guilt

Guilt being a two-edged sword never lets you live in peace. It is like a slow poison that kills you from within and eats upon your physical and mental well-being. The stress levels rise and your body is unable to be in a restful state. As you start self-sabotaging yourself, you might start experiencing signs of depression, anxiety and feel hopeless, unworthy and devoid of any happiness. Guilt also forces you to live in the past and keep revisiting the occasion from where it stems. Thus, it restricts you from focusing on your present and planning for your future, slowing down your pace of progress. For this, Relationship counseling in Gurgaon is providing the best services.

How to Overcome It

Overcoming guilt comes with acceptance. Yes, you have done something which could have been done in a better way, but that is okay. You are a human being and it is normal for humans to make mistakes. Now, instead’ of cursing yourself for that, focus on how you can do it better the next time. Own it up, learn your lesson, be ready to face its consequences and move forward in life.

Separate yourself from the task- you two are not the same thing. Committing a mistake does not translate into you being a bad person. Be easier on self. Take a deep breath and stop thrashing yourself for something that you cannot change now. Most important – forgive yourself. Had you not forgiven your friend had he done the same thing? Of course, you would have. Then why are you being so hard on yourself? Just let go and love yourself for who you are. As you do these, you will experience the emotion of guilt melting away and getting replaced by learning, compassion, relief, and self-love. What’s better than to put your internal enemy at rest?