Does your life seem like a row of dominoes where everything is falling apart all at once – your career, relationship, aspirations, money, fame? Does nothing seem to work, however hard you try? In fact, the harder you try, the bigger the crash?

When nothing feels right is exactly when life is giving you the best opportunity to unwind and reboot. This is the moment when you have nothing to lose. It is the best time to experiment – win or fail; doesn’t matter; as it is, nothing is going your way.

In this article, we will discuss what is making everything in your life go wrong and concrete strategies to make you feel better and move forward on your own terms.

Success is waiting to embrace you
First thing first; you are not the only one going through this crisis. Many of us, even the most famous and successful people we know, at some point, have struggled with feeling unlucky, unworthy, left out, or miserable. Oprah Winfrey, one of the most iconic stars of America, admitted going through bouts of self-doubt and failure. However, she chose not to let it pull her down and like a phoenix, rose above it, to create an empire for herself. Her story is a lesson – that this phase is just temporary and you are just a few steps away from success.

Why is your life not working your way?
The simple reason is that you are trying too hard. You are moving mountains to score the best rank in university, secure the ideal job, find the best soulmate, be in best of health and nurture best relationships. You are trying too hard to control everything within and around you.

But, is it possible? Can you really control everything and get whatever you want?

Aren’t the outer circumstances often influencing the outcome?

Yes, they are; a reason why life is not working as you want. But since you are trying so hard and continuously measuring the outcome, you feel more dissatisfied than those who choose to go with life’s flow.

Be open to experiment and simply flow
When nothing is working your way, it gives you the freedom to experiment with life. Since you don’t have much to lose, I recommend you to let go of the pressure of a specific outcome and just go with the flow.

Let go of the fear, expectations and most importantly – control. Slow down and go where life takes you. In the process, accept and embrace all that comes your way. You will be surprised by the sea of possibilities that opens up for you.

Get in action
When nothing is working, it is natural to get stagnant and stop trying. Unfortunately, stagnating will not take you anywhere. Just do something. Anything. Make a move. You might want to read a book; pursue some course; or embark on a tour with people who share the same interest. Doing something new and out of the ordinary will bring excitement and add new flavour to your life, sparking happiness and positivity. And you never know where these new people
and new paths may lead you. They may possibly pave the way towards your life’s goals.

More ways to make things work
Here are some more ways to get life back on track and experience joy and success once again-

 Put your body to work; you might want to indulge in yoga, hit the gym, start morning walks or go for Zumba classes. Whatever it be, exercise. The benefits are multifaceted- better confidence, sound sleep, more energy and a happier mind.
 Spend some time in nature. Simply going out of your home evokes positive emotions and heals.
 Surround yourself with supportive people. It’s alright to ask for support from time to time. You may also opt for professional support for quick recovery and quicker outcomes.

Sometimes, the best things happen after the toughest storm. Stay the course. Things will change. And you will soon live the life of your dreams.