Why Does Marriage Counseling Cost So Much


In this article, you will learn about why does Marriage Counselling Cost so Much. So, your marriage is on the rocks and you have called around to a few favoured marriage counsellors in your area. Some of the high-grade therapists in town are charging thousands per hour. You are encountering “sticker shock” over the cost. After doing the math, you feel you probably need months of therapy and this will fetch to a few thousand rupees. Is it really deserving? Yes it is, and follow are the reasons why marriage and couples’ therapy can be so costly:

1. Marriage Therapists are Highly Educated and Very Skilled


Marriage Therapists Are Highly Educated And Very Skilled 1, Peyush Bhatia

The Therapist who practices in marriage therapy has extensive and costly training that qualifies them to do this work. All of these specialists have at least of a masters degree and many have a doctorate. These degrees need years of post-graduate study. After this long education, therapists must do their clinical hours under supervision that they pay for on a weekly base for a minimum of two years.

Most Therapists choose additional training in a particular method of couples’ therapy. It is advised that you ask about these credentials when choosing a marriage counsellor. In summary, marriage therapists are highly educated and very skilled, and their expertise is not, and should not be, economical. Regarding this Relationship Counselling in Noida  will do a great job.

2. Does not Comprise Marriage Therapy


Does Not Comprise Marriage Therapy, Peyush Bhatia

Insurance does not comprise Marriage Therapy. Relationship Problems and Couples/marriage therapy do not have a “billable diagnostic code” for insurance. Many therapists will give one partner a diagnosis and bill for sessions under that client. You may be able to find a therapist prepared to do this, but again, he or she may be a usual therapist and not have specialized training to work with couples. Some therapists ethically prefer to avoid labelling one of you when the problem being treated is a Relational Issue.

3. Necessitates longer than Individual Therapy


Necessitates Longer Than Individual Therapy., Peyush Bhatia

Marriage counselling necessitates longer than individual therapy. Relationship dynamics are complicated. Managing a couple needs more time than individual therapy. The estimation process alone can take up to four sessions. You also may have waited too long to get help and the problems can be greater and more confused by the time you ultimately make the call to find a therapist.



4. Counsellors have a Tough Time


Counsellors Have A Tough Time, Peyush Bhatia

Marriage counsellors have a tough time with the “50 minute hour.” The sweet place for an effective couples’ session seems to be around 75 – 90 minutes. Things are usually hitting a crucial time around 50 – 60 minutes and stopping at this point is a challenge. It is beneficial to tie up loose ends as much as possible in each session and this frequently requires more time with two people than it does with one.


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