If given a choice, what would be the top 5 things that you would like to invest in?

Did the list include ‘yourself’?

It’s no secret that investing in self is the best investment. However, how many of us do it? We either have a list of other priorities to be fulfilled first or think of it as a selfish investment. Resultantly, it is put on hold till the time we have more time or money.

But is it really worth being postponed? Think of it like this-
         Would you be able to keep others happy if you are not happy within?
         Would you excel in your career if you don’t love what you do?
         Would you manage pursuing your goals if you lack clarity of mind?

We don’t think so.

Here are the top five reasons why you should invest in self-

Research says you should
Various studies and researches have emphasized on the importance of investing is self. One study points out that investing in personal growth boosts confidence which is great both for our personal & professional lives. Another research explains that a person who invests in self is more likely to speak positively about self and enjoy healthier relationships and more contentment in life. One study also indicates its importance at the workplace and explains how it ensures lower burnout at work and a greater sense of emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Helps you introspect
Caught up in our busy lives we often forget to reflect on our life. Investing in self gives you an opportunity to question what is missing in life, what needs to change, are you perfect or not, etc.
The process helps you explore deep within yourself and understand what is stopping you from achieving your goals, even before you start fixing yourself.

It benefits you and others
It’s difficult not to feel great in the presence of someone who is constantly radiating positive vibes. When you invest in self, you not just elevate yourself, but also touch the lives of others in more ways than one. Your positive energy, self-confidence, self-esteem and attitude towards life radiates far and wide. Though it may initially seem selfish to focus your time, effort and money on your own self,
the positive impact that it has on your family, friends, peers, boss and everyone around will force you to think otherwise.

It is always fruitful
Unlike other investments, investing in self always reaps profit. Even when you fail, you gain the lessons that it teaches you. It enhances your perspective; improves your ability to understand others and collaborate more efficiently at work; makes you conscious of your life’s purpose and helps you to align your goals and actions with it; helps you to drop your self-limiting beliefs and adapt to new circumstances easily; guides you in building beautiful relationships; empowers you to connect with
your mind, body, and soul; and ensures that you live a fuller life.

Every successful person does it
All successful people have one thing in common- they invest in self. They work hard towards improving their knowledge, sharpening their mind, and learning new life skills. They develop habits that energize them and keep them physically, mentally & emotionally healthy. They are always willing to change themselves and grow into the best that they can be. Developing a positive mind-set
and consciously staying away from people and projects that drain their energy unnecessarily is one of their topmost priorities.

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