I meet many people who question the need of a life coach in their lives. Often, these are the same people who reach out to me months later, after their health, careers and relationships have been damaged to an unreasonable extent.

Before we go further on what an executive coach can achieve for you that you can’t, let us visit a few important statistics.

Key statistics

  • Today, nearly 1 billion people live with a mental disorder. 75% of these people in low income countries like India receive no treatment. (World Bank)
  • Approximately 280 million people in the world suffer from depression, making it one of the leading causes of disability.(WHO)
  • Every 40 seconds, a person dies by suicide. (World Bank)
  • 55% Indian professionals experience workplace stress. (LinkedIn)
  • Divorce cases in India have escalated 26 times in the last 3 decades, clearly indicating relationship problems amongst adults.

These are real people with real problems – problems that they are struggling with everyday; problems that they are unable to resolve by themselves. And this is exactly where an expert aka certified life coach can be of tremendous help.

Choosing a life coach over anyone else

You may have the strongest support system; a best friend who can listen to you for hours and instantly make you feel better; an empathetic mother who is ready with the best advice at the drop of a hat. Yes, they are important to live a healthy and happy life but don’t confuse them with the role that a life coach can play.

Life coach will not advice you and may not always make you feel better. Instead, they will create a safe space for you where you can speak about everything, bare all feelings and reflect on them without the fear of being judged. As the sessions go deeper and you build a mutual trust with the coach, you will also be able to access old painful memories and speak about more things that you had been avoiding all this time.

Life coach: Your guiding light

I always say- a life coach is a must for everyone, irrespective of your physical and mental health or the ups and downs in your relationship and career. This is because being with a certified life coach helps you to see your own habits and patterns and identify what is not working for you.

In one case of a failing marriage, my counselling helped the wife realize that it is her own insecurity which she acquired during her childhood (when she lived in a dysfunctional family where her father was having an extra martial affair) that was not allowing her to trust and love her loyal husband. Recognizing where this pattern had emerged from helped her to correct it and create a beautiful lasting bond.

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In another instance, an entrepreneur’s limited belief that he could not make a fortune from his business was stopping him from making it big. Together, we cleared out his past baggage and changed his thought pattern resulting in triple output and excellent profits.

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Being a life coach, I address the underlying unhealthy patterns and help my clients with necessary tools to replace them with new healthy ones. This not just helps them to live better but also works wonder for their mental health.

A judgement free zone

A life coach’s couch is the only place where you can be sure of not being judged. No matter how silly, stupid, weird or funny you sound. This is the safest place you will ever have to be yourself and show all your mood swings, anxieties, stress and worries. Speaking your mind in an environment like this helps you to play with your ideas, beliefs and emotions and experiment with them. Feeling frustrated? Bash the pillow lying just there and then try feeling more optimistic with the help of your therapist. Being able to express your emotions and then replacing them without being judged allows you to feel more confident about them and do so in real life too.

Gaining more perspective

Top life coaches can see and assess your emotions like a third party (from some distance) which is difficult for you to do. Having worked on your life for sometime through the lens of a life coach helps you to understand that a person is made up of many layers and personalities, one above the other. As you transform, the sessions widen your perspective about things and how they should be dealt with. This helps you to see your spouse, family, co-worker, boss and everyone else with a fresh perspective and have an empathetic understanding about their behaviour and situations. Resultantly, you develop more cordial relationships and feel less worried about things that used to bother you earlier -all this leading to a better quality of life.

Of course you will face many pitfalls. You will stumble down and then rise again. You will get back to unhealthy emotions, depression and mood swings only to fight them once more. But with a life coach by your side, the journey would be much smoother and worth it.

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