How many times have you felt bad for feeling guilty for being a failure or for making mistakes? Sometimes life is challenging. It is part and parcel of being human. Accepting this as a fact can help remove the burden of guilt when we are struggling.

There is nothing like a constant high; we all feel different emotions. People who don’t feel emotions like sadness, fear, anger, guilt are either dead or psychopaths. Accept your emotions. You are human so give yourself permission to feel these negative emotions. God has given us full range of emotions ranging from love, satisfaction, gratitude, jealousy, sadness and, hate.

Emotions are energy in motion and they are in constant motion in our body. If we block one set of emotions we are blocking the positives to flow through us. As children we were more accepting of our emotions in that we expressed every emotion fully. Accept yourself unconditionally and give yourself permission to be human; when we suppress negative emotions they get intensified and prevent us from experiencing positive emotions. There is nothing wrong with feeling fear. Courage is about having fear and then going about it anyway.

Give yourself permission to make mistakes. Your mistake is your greatest opportunity to learn. Everyone has to make mistakes to learn. Making a mistake only means that what you were experimenting with did not work out. It does not mean you are a failure; it only means that what you tried did not work out. Be determined and consistent and be willing to try something else and learn from that mistake. We expect ourselves to be superheroes all the time.

Guilt is anger at your own self. Guilt is worse than anger. When you are angry at someone else, you inflict anger on them and they have a choice to take your anger or become immune to you and not listen; they can deny your anger. Also, while you may get angry at others once in a while, guilt is like a 24 hour long anger at your own self; basically you have to live 24 hours with a person who is angry at you . Secondly you cannot deny whatever that person is saying to you. Imagine the magnitude of emotion that is getting created.

Don’t let the threat of unwanted advice stop you from sharing what you’re experiencing with others. It can take away the heavy weight off our heart when we share our turmoil with others. Someone who can listen without judgment and help you have a sense of humor about it all. We all have all the solutions inside of us, what we need is a little support in clearing the way which gets clouded by negative emotions.

Allow yourself to be you, without the ‘should’, which in turn means dropping the need of pretences. It is surrendering to yourself and saying ‘YES’ to the way you are and the way you are not. See the beauty and light in your faults, mistakes, failures and imperfections. Self-acceptance means that instead of the constant negativity you throw at yourself, you start giving yourself the benefit of the doubt. Give yourself a hug; love yourself unconditionally without self criticism and guilt. You are perfect just the way you are.

Allow yourself to feel the full range of emotions be it positive or negative. Allow yourself to laugh at your need to earn approval of others. Do not attach so much significance to things for life is free flowing. Drop the ‘ifs’, ‘buts’, ‘shoulds’ and embrace the person you are right now.