All our lives we have been trying to become like someone else. We have been longing to have someone else’s house, career, hair, smile, spouse, fortune…. We have been trying to match up a certain standard; come up to world’s expectation; have more riches; and be a better version of ourselves.
We have been thinking that ‘I am not enough’!
What a lie to live with!

The truth is that – we are just enough! You, me and everyone else is just enough. And perfectly so!

You are just as you were meant to be – Neither superior to someone; nor inferior; but simply unique. There is no one else like you. There never has been. There never will be.
You bring in your own unique value to this Universe. You have a distinct set of features, talent, abilities, experiences and a way of making a difference to others. It is incomparable. It cannot be matched. Nor replaced. You and only you can fill in that space.

Have you ever imagined what makes your fingerprints unique? Why does your hair curl up differently than the others? Or why does your iris have a unique pattern of ridges and folds? Your nails do not match your parents. Even your brain does not function just like them. You have unique feelings which none other can. The chain of your thoughts cannot be replicated by anyone else. When the creator has put so much uniqueness in you, why do you crave to be like someone else?
Stop trying so hard to be like someone. Stop feeling bad about your life & circumstances. There will always be some who will appear better off than you and some who will seem to be on the lower end. But there will never be someone just like you.

Take pride in who you are. Feel great about how you contribute to this world. Enjoy being you. Own your warmth, your smile, your feelings, your looks and your life and share them with everyone you can.
You are special. You are a gift, a blessing. Feel it, know it and live with it.