We are God’s miracle on earth. Here are a few facts that explain this:
 We are born with just two cells
 Reaches 50-trillon cells by adulthood
 Create about 20,00,000 red blood cells every second
 Produce about 2,50,000 white blood cells every second
 Develop 86 billion neurons on an average
 A single neuron can handle as many as 833 impulses/second
 Each, at the speed of 100 metres per second
 All controlled by one master operator- our brain

The power of our body is incomprehensible just like its power to heal itself.

Yes! I am talking about healing ourselves without any external intervention; without the help of
someone wearing a white coat and a doctorate degree.

All of us have an innate power to rejuvenate every single cell in our body, all by ourselves.

Let us understand this through an example.

How wounds heal?

What happens when we cut our finger?
At first, the finger starts bleeding but within a few seconds or minutes, blood cells start clumping
together and a clot is formed to protect the wound and stop the blood flow. Then, the platelets start
forming a swab around the wound which now begins to dry. Blood vessels open up in this area to
start transporting nutrients and oxygen for faster healing. The white blood cells assume its role to
repair the wound and keeps it from getting infected. New tissues start developing with the help of
red blood cells and a chemical called collagen is created to enable tissue repair and growth.
Eventually, the new tissue starts getting stronger and the wound either disappears or just leaves a
scar behind.

How incredible is that! Just like this, our bones join again after being broken, our liver regenerates,
new hairs replace the fallen ones, intestines regenerate their linings and so much more.

All of this proves that our body can heal our deepest wounds. And, when we say wounds, we not just
refer to the physical body but a sum total of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self.

How can we heal ourselves?

To heal yourself, it is most essential for us to be in awareness of ourselves.

We need to believe in the anonymous power that we carry and know that we do not require a
medical system to heal. We need to operate from a space of power and choose the freedom that
comes with knowing that we, and no one else, is responsible for our health and healing. IT is
imperative to break the old through patterns and enter into more constructive and positive thoughts
and beliefs. To learn to love ourselves unconditionally and feel good about who we are and the situation that we are in. For the outer reality of our life and our health is nothing but a mirror
reflection of what we believe and how we feel inside.

To heal ourselves, we have to-
 Accept ourselves just as we are, with all our goodness and flaws
 Rightly acknowledge and express our thoughts feelings and emotions instead of supressing
 Speak our mind and always mean what we say
 Listen carefully to ourself and know what our mind, heart and body desires
 Bring all the elements of our being – physical, mental, emotional & spiritual- in complete

Studies show that if you love yourself, believe in your healing power, meditate regularly, practice
gratitude, stay optimistic and keep continuous focus on your life’s purpose, you will not just be able
to heal yourself but also live a happier and fulfilled life.