“You are the artist of your life. Don’t give the paintbrush to anyone else.” – Iva Ursano

Your life is your canvas. When you are born, it is blank. Your choices are the colours that you fill it up with.

How will your canvas shape up in the end? Will it be just another painting or a masterpiece? This will entirely depend upon how well you lived and the choices you made.

You are the artist of your life. You are 100% responsible for how it shapes up. No one else can change your reality. You are free to paint anything. So, don’t hold back. Make mistakes. Experiment. Stretch your horizons. Give it all you have got. Build a masterpiece.

Have a clear vision

What is the difference between a piece of music or an art that is easily forgotten and one that touches your heart? Clarity in vision.

The painter who paints a masterpiece has complete clarity about the outcome even before he picks up his paint brush. In his mind’s eye he has already envisioned the painting. He can clearly see how it would look once complete, the colours that would shape it up, techniques that would be used and the message that it would communicate. This clarity ensures that the end outcome is just as it was
meant to be.

In life, have clarity of purpose and vision. Write down your aspirations. Define your milestones and end goals. Jot down the path that would take you there. This will help you to stay right on track and paint your life just as you desire it to be.

Dare to experiment
Could Leonardo da Vinci paint Mona Lisa had he not dared to experiment?
Going a tried & tested route is easy. But the only way to create a masterpiece is to dare and do something different. Have the courage to be unconventional. Explore your unique strengths. Follow your heart. It’s not going to be easy. You will make mistakes and fall. But you will also learn and get better in the process. You will gain new ideas. You will discover what you are best at and use it to
create your own masterpiece.

Expand your horizons
Why are children quick learners? Why does learning slow down as we grow up?

This is because children are always open to new learnings. They are constantly exercising their brain power to gain new information and knowledge. They are always aiming for the impossible. As a result they are always bettering themselves and growing each day.

Learn from children. Don’t let your brain muscles rest. Keep pushing your limits. Dare to learn something new even if it is outside your comfort zone. A great work of art and a best-lived life is always backed by constant learning and consistent efforts. Aim for both!

Be patient. Be perseverant.
No memorable work of art has been created in a day. It takes too many mistakes, much resolve and many months and years for an artist to bring his vision to life.

In the canvas of life, be like an artist. Always strive to polish your craft. Take out time, be firm in your determination and unwavering in your efforts. If you want your life to turn out as you want it to be, you will have to be patient & stay focussed on your vision. Embrace new ideas, be open to suggestions, develop new skills and rework on your old ones, gain fresh experiences, and learn from
your failures.

Go all out and paint your best work yet!
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