“Self-love is like water. We cannot survive without it. It is the very source of our joy and well-being.”
When we love ourselves, we care for ourselves. We consciously choose things that serve us well and are important for our well-being. It is the process of putting yourself first on the priority list and doing little things that matters to you. But most of all, it means to love and accept yourself and feel great about who you are. It is about treating yourself with kindness, empathy, and respect and not letting societal judgments and perspectives pull you down.

Most people think that when you love yourself, you pamper yourself. Well, indulging in things that make you happy is a limited way to show it. True self-love however is not about buying anything for yourself but about supporting yourself and allowing yourself the space to heal and blossom. It is about empowering yourself by revisiting your values and belief systems to see if they are good for you or need to be changed.

It also involves investing in yourself to find out what is missing in your life and find ways to fix it.

Here are some signs which show that you love yourself-

A positive view of self
 Trust your instincts
 Value your opinions
 Prioritize your own needs
 Forgive yourself when things go wrong
 Let go of toxic relationships
 Challenge your beliefs
 Focus on solutions, not problems
 Be kind to yourself
 Embrace yourself just as you are

Why is loving yourself so difficult?

Unfortunately, our society dictates the norms of our life. The people around us label us as per pre-defined parameters. You are termed successful if you have a good job and a good relationship with your family. If you are sensitive and emotional, you are bullied and made to feel weak. If you are going through a divorce, you are labeled irresponsible and immature.

Being continuously judged by others makes it difficult to love yourself. It triggers your ego which keeps telling you that you are not good enough. Your ego pushes you to be a certain way before you can love yourself again. Eventually, you start neglecting your own needs to please others and fit into the norm.

Putting self-love into practice

True self-love is about creating a beautiful and loving relationship with yourself.

 Put your inner critic to rest and love yourself unconditionally, without any judgments.

Say No to things that you don’t like or do not wish to be a part of.

 Don’t let anyone take advantage of you. Step out of abusive relationships without the fear of being left alone. Love flows easily to those who love themselves.

 Treat yourself as you would treat your loved ones. Forgive yourself for your mistakes. Be kind, patient, and empathetic towards yourself.

 Journal your thoughts and feelings and try to find out the root cause behind the negative ones. Challenge and overcome them with patience & perseverance.

 Pay attention to your emotional and physical needs. Then walk the extra mile to fulfill them.

Start the journey towards self-love by doing one loving thing for yourself today.
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