2023 is almost here. Considered as a time to move ahead and make new resolutions, a new year is also a great time to pause and reflect on the lessons learnt last year. Lessons that will help you to shape up 2023 as your best year yet and ensure that you manifest all that you have been dreaming of.

The moment to act is now!
Do you regret not doing certain things in the last year or earlier? Remember that time, once gone, never returns.

This moment belongs to you. There will never be another moment like this or another day like today. Seize the day. Do what you must do today without procrastinating or leaving it to some other time. To manifest your dreams and create the life that you want to live, you must act now.

Happiness is a choice
How many times in the last year did you search for happiness but failed?

A simple reason for that is that happiness and peace is always a choice. We, and only we, can create our own happiness. There can be no outer source for it. So, whenever you feel that you are at the verge of exhausting all your happiness & peace, start replenishing it. Begin with small things that make you happy. Take out some time for self-care, meditate, hear music, go out with friends, read a good book, get drenched in rain, gaze at the sky or simply sit by and relax.

Challenges are not roadblocks but road to growth
Reflect on how you dealt with the challenges that came your way in 2022? Sure, they did make you feel miserable. But didn’t they also help you to emerge stronger?

Challenges are here to help you break your limitations and understand that you are much more capable than you assume yourself to be. They force you out of your comfort zone & help you to grow in the most amazing ways possible.

Take 100% responsibility for yourself
Who was responsible for what went wrong last year? For the mess you got into and the opportunities that you missed?

The most important lesson to be carried forward is that things don’t happen to you, they happen because of you. Move on from regret & blame to take 100% responsibility for your words, actions, feelings & the consequences that follow. You will be amazed to see how taking accountability makes you think and do things differently & therefore generate different outcomes.

You are good enough
No matter what people think or say about you, know that you are good enough. You are the best version of yourself and have abundant love, companionship, and goodness to give to others. Believe in the beauty of your soul & make sure to ward away all negativity that comes your way.

Practice gratitude
Reflect on how far you have come over the last year and the several gifts, big and small, that life bestowed on you. Never take them for granted. Be thankful for all the positive experiences that you have had and let go of the unpleasant ones. Breathe out the old energy and breathe in the fresh – positive vibrations that this new-year brings along. Fold your hands and thank the Universe for all the good things that you have received and the much better ones that are waiting for you. We hope that the new year shower you with love, abundance, good health, peace and everything that you have been waiting for.
Happy New Year!