How many times have you ignored your inner voice? A voice that pierces through your soul and tells you that it’s time for things to change. The change may involve you taking up a new job, applying for a new course, leaving some people behind or simply eating less and losing some weight.

Every time something is supposed to change in your life, a new chapter is supposed to begin, the Universe gives you some signs. But, as always, change is difficult. It’s normal to feel tempted to resist it; to ignore the call and live in your comfort zone. This can go on for years. But don’t let it. Pay
attention to these signs, trust your instincts and just follow the lead. You will have to, sometime or the other. So why not start early?
Here are some tell-tale signs that you must never ignore.

Signs that you are ready to step into the next level

Feeling stuck
Heard of that? We all feel stuck in life. But we also learn to ignore it thinking that the dull and nasty ache right in the pit of our stomach will get better on its own. Don’t get fooled further. If every day feels like a burden and you find no reason to get up and move on; if nothing makes you happy and you feel boxed-in; life is asking you to move on to the next level. You can start with taking 100%
responsibility of how you are feeling and then deciding the next steps that will help you to get unstuck and trigger the change. Write down all your thoughts and ideas; the good ones and not so good one; and decide which one are worthy of action. Now!

Need for more
You are not happy with what you have. You clearly want more. More friends, more respect, more money, more peace, more happiness, etc. This is a sign. Do not ignore it. Do not feel shy or ashamed of wanting more. Just go behind that feeling and follow the path it takes you to. Even if it means changing your course, adopting new values, breaking the boundaries that you were so scared to
shatter and grabbing new opportunities at the first sight. You are ready to get more out of life and go to the next level.

You are finding purpose in life

Does life feel purposeless? Do you feel that you have no goal to go to? Are you seeking more value out of life? Or wish that you could somehow make it a better world for others? If you are feeling all this and are desperately searching for a purpose to live up to, it is a sign. Wait no further. You can
start by doing small things that give you joy and makes you feel purposeful. Try helping someone or pursue a hobby that you desire since long.

You want to leave the past behind

Is your past still haunting you? That one big mistake, a guilt that’s eating you up, failed relationships, a belief that’s holding you back, past regrets, resentments or any other negative feelings? If you want to get over all these and step into a new life, this is a sign that you are ready to go to the next level. You can do so by just forgetting the past or by taking all the experiences and their learnings to
move ahead. Whatever method you opt for, you have to stop being the victim and start being the victor.

Believe it or not, this is the perfect time to start. There will be no better day than today to step forward and start a new chapter in your life. So go ahead and follow your sign.
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